The coming VR reality.

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Virtual Reality
Does your reality suck? How about your life in general? Have a recent job loss or nagging wife? Or what about the “rona” lockdown? Has boredom set in yet? If so then this is for you. A new Virtual reality. A place where everything and anything is possible.

Like it or not there may come a time where society checks out. Daily negative programming and harsh conditions may set the stage for an alternative. Many people particularly those under 30 may decide enough is enough. Mounting family pressure and lack of prospects may cause a new form of escapism. This outlet exists in the here and now.

There are many VR headsets available. And not the fake cheap kind that turns your cell phone into a glorified TV. I’m talking many real versions of VR namely Occulus or HTC to name a few. Although set for gaming, VR may become the platform of choice for all.

In a world of social distancing VR could be adopted as a communication of choice for people. Human interaction is an important concept for all people. Unless of course your an introvert. Connecting with others will be safe and fun.

Imagine empty sports stadiums selling VR tickets to games. With all the COVID fears people could attend games virtually. Occulus already has Occulus Venues for sports. An amazing concept considering the pandemic fears.

Concerts and other venues will follow suit. Occulus seems to be on the forefront of things. Facebook’s acquisition has seemed to put the company on the forefront of the VR space. And from the look of things more development is on the horizon.

So what’s stopping this VR movement from occurring? Simple. Price point and game cost. Although, the price has come down the average price for a good VR is still close to $500. Not to mention $30 per game or app. And most would rather have the new IPhone or IPad. But I believe that is about to change.

The catalyst will be when the price per headset drops. Add free apps and you have a recipe for success. Knowing Zuck he might just give the units away for free. Sell some ads and you have a cash flowing user base.

Regardless who takes the lead this may be a trend for 2021. A true virtual world may become the new internet. An escape from the troubles of today. Some may find this trend disconcerting. However, it may prove to be profitable for those on the ground floor. And a new reality for the masses.

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