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RE: Want to learn to program?

in #developmentlast year

Excellent post @themarkymark

I've have long thought everyone should learn to program, even if you have no intention of ever being a programmer.

I am now considering learning how to program, yet had no interest in doing that until reading your post. Thank you.

The most important resource I can suggest is find a project you want to build and start on it.

A project i would want to build is a DApp on Hive for The Matrix-8 Solution.
Would this be too ambitious, as it's a project to potentially connect everyone in the world, a multi-level, real time governance system to enable Pure Democracy?

There are a few projects that use Go and it is a good option if you need more performance than Python & JavaScript can offer.

So with a potential of let's say 5 billion people connecting to the DApp at the same time, bearing in mind i'm very unlikely to complete the Dapp myself and would likely hand it over to someone else (or a team) to complete, do you think i would be better learning Go rather than Python?