Bringing back VHS

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I’ve recently been working on a music video...

...which was shot entirely on green-screen; that has the pretence that it’s a ‘badly-green-screened’ video, perhaps like you might see from the height of its popularly on MTV in the 1990’s. Bright bombastic colours, handheld camera work, unusual backdrops and strange subjects.

(I’ve not generally been a fan of working with green screen. It’s usually over ambitious and always takes more time than you think.)

However - the video I’ve been making has since been finished, after having been through a rigorous greenscreen keying session, with a kaleidoscopic style backdrop and everything - has actually turned out brilliantly (all things considered)

I wanted to go that extra mile and honour the final edit of that 90’s look by giving it the aesthetic of being recorded from tape.
I love that wiggly, fuzzy, unpredictable lo-fi look - and it seems to be growing in popularity at the minute.

So I got out my awesomely treasured VHS player/recorder down from the attic, gave it a dust off and had a play.

I’ve previously had issues with getting a decent clean digitised output from the VHS player - but - this time, with the help of a scart-to-phono adapter and the use of an EasyCap USB device, I’ve managed to capture the images beautifully to my MacBook.

Oh, the joyous feeling of getting some old technology to work just how you want it to.

Three cheers for when stuff actually works!

Hiphip. Hiphip. Hiphip.

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Dig it. Awesome.
Long live VHS, be it for viewing or creative throwback styling!

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Mate, I’m gonna have the VHS in full glory in my living room when we move to a bigger house!

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You could become the hub for friends who wish to digitize VHS content :)

A few years ago, I sent off a couple of tapes to a company to perform this process. I think it was $30 in total, a price I'd pay again.

I like your thinking :)

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Sounds interesting- hopefully we get to see the effect if you can share this one. I still have vhs player in storage too!

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I wonder how many machines are in storage. They’re actually gaining in value, if they work! They’re going for at least £40 starting price on eBay if it has a remote!

Yeah the video will be released in September (I think)
It will definitely get a share on here when it’s out! :)

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That’s investment advise and I’m taking it!!!

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Oh I remember this format well :)

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It’s wobbly and flickering and that’s why we love it

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