Drone Flying Camera on a Smartphone

in GEMSlast year


Drone Flying Camera out of a Smartphone sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie but as strange as it sounds it is currently under development as a concept device for Vivo. The Smartphone is supposed to feature a detachable Camera Module that also has some wings for flight functions which will allow the smartphone to capture Drone Footage at least in theory. I say in theory because to achieve Drone Cinematic Footage the Camera would have to have some sort of a Gimbal mechanism or something to stabilize the footage and I don't know how they are going to put a Stabilizer as well as make it compact enough to slide inside the Smartphone. From the above picture, you can see that it looks compact but I don't know if there is a Stabilizing mechanism or not.

Personally, I wish this would be true but I am not hopeful at all as Vivo is kind of known for such marketing strategy where they leak one of their patents and then release something totally else, plus there is always the chance of this being a Gimmick by which I mean this product either may not see the light of day or just might be some sort of detachable Camera Module without the flight options.

Trust me when I say this that I really would love to get a Drone Camera that flies out of my smartphone but realistically I feel like the first step towards that should be a simple detachable camera that you can detach from your Smartphone and place somewhere else to take a nice picture or record some footage. This one sounds more likely to happen first before the Drone Idea. So don't get your hopes super high with the leak as this feature might come true only after a few more years.