Writing as a Means for Survival

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Writing is just like a substitute to every other profession because it encompasses all knowledge to be put down inform of the alphabet, numeric, characters, symbols, and many other forms which could be achieved in manual writing with a pen, pencil, and paper or in a digital form with hardware and software (an electronic gadget).

Wring is one of the easiest ways to pass information represented inform of data to be interpreted to its readers so as to acquire the tacit and explicit knowledge of its writers. Writing cannot be compared to speech because not everyone who speaks correctly can also articulate and accurately write but every writer is expected to be a professional speaker.

Comparing writing to my profession as a librarian, I will categorically inform you that every librarian is expected to be a writer. On the way round, writing could be inborn because for you to be a writer you must have passion for it.

One of the things I love about writing is that no one ever forced me to engage in it because I could remember when I was still a teenager, I used to dream when I am writing a story and at the end after the dream, I try to put down the whole story I dreamt about and give it to people to help me edit. This was how I started my journey of writing today.

I have never regretted writing because the more I read other people’s articles to derive more knowledge on what to write the more I learn. Today, writing has widened my thinking, speaking, and boldness in handling things around.


What I have benefited through writing:

Apart from more knowledge acquired through writing, I have acquired diverse things like employment, money, comfort, and many others. I could remember when an old man saw me writing a student project years ago and told me to keep pushing for writing that in the nearest future, I will stand to benefit.

Today, I have come to see writing as one of the ways to survive in life because it’s also regarded as a job opportunity people are looking for on daily bases. For more than 4 years now, I have been into writing and I have seen it as the only way of survival because almost all the investments I have today are acquired through writing. I have written for phoenix. global, Upwork, and a few others.

I am proud to be a Nigerian but without writing today after I graduated from the University, I wouldn’t know what would have been my fate of survival. Nigeria has a massive number of inadequate job opportunities across the country and I am also a victim but I am grateful that today I am into writing.

Kampus Production

Writing for tomorrow:

One of the things I also cherish about writing is my name being recognized globally as a writer. This simply means that my name could also be referenced by authors in the nearest future. I always derive joy when writing because I believe that I am sharing knowledge that will never be forgotten in the nearest future through writing.


Writing has come to stay because it is the only way knowledge from one generation to another encompassing diverse authors can be stored and be used in the present and the future.


Great! So you have written for upwork? Wow I have been wanting to do so for a while now but don't know how to go about it.

Weldone and good job!! You sure know how to write and i enjoy every bit of it.

Thank you for sharing 💕

Upwork has a guideline to go with which must be followed to build your gig. Thanks for the compliments.

Oh OK thanks for the info.

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Writing is indeed a way of sending messages to our future selves. We can read things we wrote months and years ago and recall just what we had been feeling back then. It invokes a great sense of nostalgia.
Thank you for sharing this with us.

Big thanks for the compliments.