Here comes the cracks in the matrix,...

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Look around, dear reader, the matrix is loosing its hold on your mind.
Collectively the folks is waking up.

Take a look at this article from The Mind Unleashed

Go ahead, I'll wait,....


I hope you spotted it just as quick as I did.
The NewSpeak is being pushed.

Icymi, here is an excerpt that narrows it down some for you.

Wtf is that?
Is this what you pay taxes to support?
If you do, what is wrong with you?
Don't love freedom, or what?


Well, here is another one.

This study was published this September, using patients from July.

It says that most 'rona virus infections was among those that always wore masks.

How do you non-freedom loving folks like that?
Now sit still, we got a shot for you!

Here is a synopsis for those of you that can't read the medical speak.

And, if that was not enough, now we got to worry about all the 'Jedi' live action role players getting frisky with their light sabers!