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Biometrics is the security method increasingly present in our lives, it is one of the safest ways to identify people and protect data, ranging from the use of cell phones, tablets or computers to which they have a method of identification by digital or facial recognition.


Biometric technologies allow a person to be identified based on their physical characteristics, this biometric methodology includes facial recognition, voice recognition, fingerprint, iris reading, among others. Biometrics, in turn, counts as any technological method that allows the recognition of a human individual, whether physical, biological or even behavioral aspects of living beings.

How can biometrics be used?

Biometrics is a technology that aims to provide more security to voter identification in the voting process, and can be used in control systems to identify and release people who can enter the building for example, it can also be used by an IT company to recognize employees authorized to access a Big Data system, among other means of security.

Most popular biometrics today:


  • Fingerprint

Based simply on the geometry of the hands to the signature analysis, which verifies the authenticity of a document signed by pressure and mannerisms, the fingerprint is the oldest and least costly to implement, it is extremely reliable, given the very low mutability of the data to the over time. The only problem would be if the person lost his fingerprints.

  • Facial recognition

It consists of mapping a face, either in 3D or in 2D, where an image of the person is created, which will be used for unlocking functions and identification. But this method is not permanent, as the person gets older, he can change his face with surgery or the fact that the person has an identical twin, the data collection then no longer becomes more accurate, and even mapping in depth usually gives false positives.

  • Biometrics by voice impression

The methods of authentication of voice biometrics, consists of asking the person to speak a sentence previously registered as a password, this model is very secure, but maintains the need for the user to remember the password previously mentioned. Although the reliability of the data is low, since any noise can compromise the collection and analysis of the voice and thus drop the success rates.

  • Iris Recognition

It consists of making the reading of the iris extremely reliable, since the membrane remains the same throughout life, however there is still a high cost in implementing this method, but it will be the most used biometrics method in the medium term, surpassing even even fingerprint.

Among the biometric technologies available today, which is the best?

Unfortunately, all options have advantages and disadvantages, what determines which is best for each application are factors such as cost, effectiveness and purpose.

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