The university we need for our development.

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Dear readers, universities are the basis for the transformation of countries, in these academic spaces an important scientific work is carried out for the development of nations, within their spaces there must be freedom, respect and human solidarity as a constant so that values and beliefs are not lost, since they are institutions established by societies for the development of their people.

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In the same way, the University is a meeting and participation space in which its members should not only be repositories of knowledge, but also capable of generating them, in addition to transmitting them. The University we need for our development has scientific research as its backbone: on the one hand, the promotion and adaptation of academic knowledge to real life; on the other, the initial and permanent training of students in social and human sciences, as well as in technologies that allow them to solve the problems of the current world. From there, the concerns that guide our actions to address educational issues related to university extension, with a practical and social character, are configured.

At present, a university is needed that responds to the challenges of the future that discovers and addresses development problems, that is open to new synergies and guarantees quality education in emerging fields of knowledge, a university based on scientific, economic, social and environmental knowledge whose main objective of development is to do better things to ensure the well-being of future generations.

To achieve this, we need a university with an enormous teaching and research capacity to serve society in general, aware of the demand and social needs of its time through the understanding of the country's development prospects, from this awareness the ability to provide solutions for development plans in education, science and technology, human rights, financial education, environment among others may arise.

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In order for it to have a real impact on society, it must emphasize research and education, as well as the provision of services that benefit society; we believe that it should do so by taking advantage of the heritage that we already have as excellent researchers, professors and students who want to provide solutions for the development of different sectors, in the specific case of the Universidad Nacional Experimental Sur del Lago de Maracaibo Venezuela, it has a high potential to promote the development of the agricultural sector of the western region of the country, adapting to the current demands worldwide, which consists of sustainable development through agroecological alternatives that guarantee production while minimizing the environmental damage caused by conventional techniques.

Of course, if you want to know what the real problems that afflict our regions are, it is necessary to deepen a strategic alliance between the university and the community, it would be the most effective way to diagnose the phenomena that afflict them and that of course are linked to the research lines established in the institutions. If this is not the case, the possibility of establishing new lines of research with qualified personnel should be studied.

Final considerations
Dear readers, we particularly believe that a curricular review should be carried out in universities to strengthen the areas of teaching, research, extension, and also link the university with other organizations, both national and international, to strengthen quality programs and social relevance. On the other hand, it is necessary that there be funding for research to the extent that it allows the university to better perform its role as a fundamental agent of economic, social and academic growth; and in turn implement projects in the communities with the purpose of raising the quality of life of its inhabitants and thereby contribute to local development.

The university classroom is to train those who will develop alternatives for the solution of the problems that exist in the communities, and that is why the walls that prevent that interaction must be broken, an educational system must be created that trains critical citizens, capable of providing solutions to the problems of the population and therefore the country and not be a stumbling block for the transformation and change of a dignified society. If not, we will unfortunately be part of ghost university institutions.

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there is no doubt that Venezuelan university education must undergo a general transformation in order to contribute to the country, from the form, content and educational methods to the budgetary logic, otherwise it will be very difficult to overcome and transcend towards success.