It only takes half a second

in Freewriterslast year

In the crypto world, all conveniences can indeed be felt, various kinds of things from financial problems with the presence of crypto seem to be overcome. Crypto does not just offer better technology in the financial world, especially payment systems, usage, security, and flexibility. All of that is ultimately summarized in a language of convenience that is better than the old financial system.

However, it still doesn't make crypto free from defects, or shortcomings. Of course, there are and there is still a lot that needs to be addressed today. One of the things that got the most attention was the problem of hacking, depending on the network, and the weakness in terms of transactions that were only one-way.


Image by anncapictures from Pixabay

The thing that is most highlighted is the problem if we make the wrong delivery transaction, it can be said that it only takes half a second to feel the loss, although basically on the basis of carelessness or haste. Systematics raised in crypto do prioritize accuracy, security, and speed. So in this case, only the unidirectional factor is prioritized. If an error occurs, the expectation is a return of human value if it is also known to whom or where the error was made.

In the old financial concept or outside of crypto, it may still be possible to find a solution. But not for crypto, which means if something goes wrong it means lost opportunity. And not only that, the security aspect is also very risky. Behind the security that is carried, it offers the word security. Unfortunately, if the unlock key or private key is lost, it means the same as eliminating the existing value asset.

Another aspect is the need for the existence of an internet network. Although this is still a big question that there will be a solution, what if at any time the world's internet network shuts down. In other words the internet apocalypse. How can the systematic use of crypto work in the absence of an internet network?

Anything can happen, and it can happen in a matter of half a second, because nothing is impossible, right? This is not talking about opposing or looking for weakness to the existence of crypto which has become increasingly phenomenal in recent times. But just an opinion on a question that doesn't make sense but can happen. Of course, we also know that developers in the crypto world have thought about this possibility long ago, and also continue to develop all the shortcomings and bad things that can happen so that they don't happen or can be overcome.

How far will crypto eventually develop and how will it continue to be accepted and used?