Monomad - Jumping Spider

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This is my entry for the daily #monomad challenge

In this post I again want to share some photos of spiders that I got on the edge of the rice fields when I was on a mushroom hunting trip to the oil palm plantation.

Previously this spider was in the stem of a plant that was deliberately planted to become a fence or barrier between one garden and another. Because of the spider's standing position on the stem of the plant, of course it would be very difficult for me to photograph it.

I ended up trying to get the spider to move somewhere else. I chose the dried plant leaves available on site. And yes, maybe I was lucky because finally the spiders wanted to move to the dry leaves that I offered and I managed to take some pictures of the spiders. Here are some photos:








CameraVivo V2040 + Macro Lens
CategoryBlack & White Photography
LocationTanah Luas, Indonesia

It looks like the spider is looking at something and the look in its eyes is really good too

You're right! maybe he's looking at the camera and stylish :)

Krak laju nah
Bagian Han EK koh Lee Jino 😍😍😍😍

Ya Tuhan.. aku butuh uang bukan pujian!! :)

Hahahaha 🤣😅
Taik kucing

Payah ta koh ngen senso 🤣🤣🤣

Krat laju brg Sang bertooh ivote bit2 ngeri😆😁

Pue na lage tapasoe ie lam botol, meunyoe bertoh botol sama dengan nihil. Tanpa HASIL! :D

such a small object. you managed to take a picture with your macro..

Thank you.. :)

Nice photos dear 💕

Thank you..

Welcome 😁

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