Time travel is possible if you are a photon !!

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The idea of traveling through time through time holes is a science fiction since the first theory Einstein put in his formulation of relativity theory, but is there a presence of those holes in the nature through which time can travel through? In fact, we have no idea yet whether these time holes exist or not, but if they exist, physicists have suggested in scientific theories that these times holes serve as gates to the future and past to travel through time or connect distant regions of space to each other by means of those Holes

But before you lay off your imagination and make some math equations for these theories, you should know that only photons can travel through time through these time holes !!

In the late 1980's, physicist Cape Thorne of the California Institute of Technology developed a theory that traveling through time through or through time holes must be the body that passes through it with negative energy, and in the world of physical energy this negative energy can come through the power of Casimir .

Kazimir's strength is simply a phenomenon discovered by a Dutch scientist called Hendrik Kazemir in 1948 and this phenomenon can be illustrated by placing two mirrors in front of each other in a space of vacuum, it is assumed at first glance that nothing will happen, but in reality the mirrors will be attracted to each other mutually once they are placed in Void, this phenomenon has been called the effect of Casmir and this force is called the power of Casmir.


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Thorn team realized that this energy can be applied on the edge of the hole to enter the body into the hole, but the possibility of the hole collapsing before crossing it is very large due to the great pressure on the hole, and the scientific team has restored the scenario by identifying some of the characteristics in the hole to become more powerful and stable to prevent collapse Possibly, but for this to happen the hole must be very long and very narrow in diameter, in which case he will not be able to cross this hole other than an object the size of a photon.

Scientists hope that these research and theories will help them to develop the idea and reach good results in the future to reach Einstein's dream of the idea of ​​time travel.

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