Using Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber to Treat Aging

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I have been seeing posts on people talking about how to grow younger but never took it serious until I saw that Scientists successfully reverse human aging process in breakthrough study on New York Post on the 20th of November 2020, so I decided to look into it.

Have you heard people saying that using a fresh sterile blood to renew your old blood makes you younger? Okay maybe you heard of it but that isn’t true, more so, how easy will it be to get sterile blood to replace old bloods regularly through blood transfusion?

With the research published by New York Post, age can be reduced or rejuvenated up to 25 years but first, what is the cause of Aging?


Why do you Age?

So many of us have loved our childhood and can’t imagine leaving the agile, motivating days of our lives to a period where we start to have impaired senses of our sense organs as well as our consciousness start to feel like it is overstaying its welcome.

Scientist say that Telomeres (Structures made up of DNA and Protein) responsible for making sure that the DNA is properly copied during DNA division thereby repairing wherever isn’t properly copied. It is believed that during a division of the DNA for replications, some information are lost and Telomeres make sure that they are properly copied back but as time goes on, the telomere stops to function thereby allowing the creation of Senescent cells which later affects the living cells which then causes aging.


The News of not aging

Scientist of the Tel Aviv University decided to work on aging through regenerating Telomeres as time goes on instead of the telomeres to get shorten. This was done with a Hyperbaric oxygen chamber. 35 people at the age of 65 and above were used for the test and were allowed to spend 90 mins for 5 days in a week for 3 months in the chamber with pure oxygen and with 2 absolute atmospheres (ATA) giving each patient 5 mins air break every 20 minutes.

After the three months, it showed that the Telomere in the body had grown back up to 35% and the senescent cells were reduced or killed at the same time.

Is This Research Worth it?

Every research is worth its time moreover, finding a solution to aging is what a lot of people spend their entire life researching and spending billions on. If the Telomer can grow longer and function properly, then it could reduce the incidence of age people getting sick as well as repair worn-out tissues.

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NY Post


What a great time to be alive. With all of the new advances in technology, I see no reason why life can't be extended in the near future. They have some wild stuff coming up between now and 2045!

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Hi friend, this is great information, many people spend their lives wanting to be younger and looking for ways to not age. But the reality is that this is the cycle of life, for many it is important for others not, we were simply born to age at some point and we can not against that. Although I believe that as long as we feel good and comfortable with our appearance the rest doesn't matter.