AI in Education. How does the future look like?

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I have been saying that universities will become useless even before starting university myself. It is not a secret that with the advancenments in technology and globalization, some university degree are not keeping up on how to tackle today's real-life problems.

As I am naturally curious about Artificial Intelligence, and I have been following how AI is being applied to multiple fields, I also find fascination how AI can help improve our current educational system. Have you thought about this before?

Think about it. There are many different things that current educational system is not accounting for when trying to educate our children. For example, the attention spam of people is ever shrinking. You can see that by understanding the impact or influence the platforms like TikTok aactually have on today's younger generations. On top of that, since centuries we have known that people aare different so I don't believe that one educaational system can fit all of us. It just doesn't work like that. That is the beautiful part of today's online educational platforms: study what you consider interesting and do it at your own pace.

However, there is still a bit more than just that. Obviously, after I graduated from university, I haven't consult any single resource that my teachers provided me with to try to solve any real life problem at work. Not even in a problem in life! I go to Google, YouTube or jsut purchase a very good course online that I consider to be valuable. I get to chose who is intereting and who shapes my knowledge.

I am a content creator myself, and I always think about the differences in my audience. The type of people that watches my content. How can I make it interesting for them and easy for me? Also, let's consider the fact that with time we are only trying to make life more efficient. How efficient it is to have a teacher explaining something if you can have a pre-recorded video explaining everything 100 times better? You save a lot of resources!

Well, I think these are just a few things to consider when talking about AI in education. One of the platforms I came accross lately was which is an AI video generation platform. Get a text book from school, plug it in this platform and your content will be automatically createed. Voilá! Why would you need more? You can adapt to new circumstances, cut the time - shrink it, adapt it to everyone's own attention spam and capabilities, zero effort and serve multiple people out there.Also with this you can make education more accessible.

I see a lot of potential in this. I made a small video with their platform where I used one of my Tweets as input - looks great.

What do you think?

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