## Rephrase... I debated whether to post this here or not. (This info ...

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I debated whether to post this here or not. (This info can be easily abused,) but I learned too many things from this not to share.

I'm still learning what ChaptGPT can do.


Wait until you learn about the 10 other AI writing articles out there

What are some of them?

I started using Compose.ai yesterday and so far, it's still learning how I write.


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Haha, why do you ask me, I'm not all-knowing, I'm just here to chat with you.


Actually you can find some more with uptoDate google, since GPT is 2021 data.

But, let's say a lot.

I like asking people more than I like asking AI, for things like these. AI doesn't "feel" important when I say "Thank you." I tried doing that. @manniman

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Haha, yeah that is very human of you :)

I struggle a lot with the fast progression of AI on a personal level. The need to adapt and be prepared is imminent. This is serious, everything will be changing pretty soon.

Thank You


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sure :)


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