I've been doing some digital gymnastics today, trying to make a Live W ...

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I've been doing some digital gymnastics today, trying to make a Live Windows USB.

It's bothersome to configure Wine for every windows application on #linux!

I succeeded using Rufus, posting from a fresh #windows install right now.

#stem #technology #pob #win10

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There are times when you need the original and the hassle is worth it in these cases

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I agree... I'm noticing now that a Windows 10 from USB is faster than my previous computer.

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Me too I used it

Did you encounter any problems trying to set up Windows?

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Thanks to worry about me, I think now is bigger problème ,I have to buy New computer, mine is little old. I wait just to earn some money ,then I will buy it. Thanks again.

Yeah, I was dealing with a similar problème last year. Have patience and it'll be okay.~


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Rufus Is great. I used it all the time, back when I had computer lol

I only heard about it a few months ago, and my first attempt in using it was a failure, (I probably used a corrupted or unsupported ISO.)

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I've been considering giving this a try, just to see if my EVE character is still hanging in there. I gave up trying EVE on linux about 4 years ago, and that was the last Windows program I was using.

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Hope your EVE character is still alive...

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If they haven't deleted my account for inactivity, he'll still be alive.

Hey. I'm also trying to do that. You made a windows to go right? First attempt had an error "error extracting iso". And I downloaded the iso from Rufus

I downloaded mine directly from Microsoft if it helps.

About a month ago I downloaded the English_International ver, it didn't work, (it didn't give me an error, the OS just goes blue.)

This time I just downloaded the multi-edition. It worked.

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Thank you 🙂


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