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I'm currently using Trello for this but decided to learn about other Note Taking apps after @ditoferrer's buzz about Notion.

What I like about Obsidian is its #opensource nature, I'll be watching a video a day about it now.

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Ah I'm bad at things like taking notes so I just use my simple notebook on my phone. But in terms of using such things, I will watch this video when I wake up tomorrow morning. I will check if there is an android app for Trello as well. !LOLZ !LUV

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Trello isn't meant for Note-taking but project management, but I use it to draft my Hive articles, and I write my notes there along the way.

A screenshot:


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I saved this screenshot. 😀
I hope I can do something similar in the future. At least to post regularly here.

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That´s look cool! Trello is also a well know app for organization. I´m recently heard that Notion could block my account only cause I´m cuban. Can you believe that? I have friends who already suffer that. So, I´m taking precautions backing up my info in Todoist and Zoho Notebook.

I'm from Libya one of the countries sanctioned by the US, so I know this feeling, it's one (but not the most important) reason I love to have Open Source software, anything can get taken from you at any time otherwise.


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@ditoferrer! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @ahmadmangazap. (1/10)

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Sí, es nuestra póliza de seguro. Últimamente estoy descubriendo algunos muy interesantes: Reaper, Gimp. Tendré a Obsidian vigilado.

GIMP is really good for simple design work, but if you use Photoshop-work heavily I recommend checking Krita, which I haven't tried, but saw videos about and it's cool!


P.S: What's "Reaper?" An open-source app? For what?

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Es un DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) para hacer música, grabar, mezclar y editar audio. Similar a Pro-Tools o Logic Pro pero más liviana y abierta a todos.👇🏾


Gracias por el dato de Krita, la buscaré 🤜🤛

Got it, sounds like a good Audio editor.

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