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RE: Whaling and Sealing in South Georgia: The Aftermath

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Hello my friend @alexanderalexis,
For once, I haven't got an answer for you. I do have a thoughtful response which doesn't offer a way out.

There are no public lands. There are lands that are controlled by government and in just about any country I can think of, the government is controlled by private interests. So it's all the same.

No one kills the goose that lays the golden eggs when it is his goose

public domain

That's a waste lagoon from a commercial pig farm--private property.

or how about this headline:
In the U.S., private landowners can decide where fracking is allowed.

You may be catching me on a dismal day, but I think it's up to us to create governments that aren't owned by private interests. It's up to us to fight for governments that protect the greater good. Ain't going to happen. Most people are too lazy, too ignorant, even too selfish to act on behalf of the general good.

So we keep fighting little bit at a time. Losing the war, winning mini battles and never ever giving up. What else can we do?

I told you it is a dismal day, but brighter for seeing you here. Hope you are well, @alexanderalexis