Top Rich Users of Some of the Hive Sister Tokens

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Let's talk about the riches. Do you know the top rich users of Hive sister tokens so far? Do you know how much of these tokens they have earned?

I wanted to share a few of them with you guys.
Here are some of them.

LEO Richlist


One thing that needs clarity is that the NULL you are seeing is actually the tokens that are being burned.

CUB Richlist


POB Richlist


SIM Richlist


CTP Richlist


Sports Richlist


Archon Richlist


Bee Richlist


Check the richlist of your concerned token at
Thanks to @reazuliqbal for such an awesome tool.

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hmm, quite a lot of CUB on non-LEO accounts, given that it is mostly worthless now on HiveEngine with the bridge closed...

This is completely messed and misleading.

I do not recommend to use it.

And what is the point to see on CUB richlist ??? These expired CUB tokens are totally zero value. No any reason even look at them

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Well, I didn't know that.

This is a shit post and not sports related. Try milking another coin as you ain't getting sports for this.