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RE: Building the book of business for blockchain from behind bars

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the user base they have trained, are loyal.

This always seemed funny to me, it's one thing to like a game more than another and judge the people playing that "worse" game instead but fanatics over xbone vs Playstation are so ridiculous. They are basically fighting over which company they like getting ripped off from more for providing them with a "comfortable lay back and play with a controller" experience that is mainly only used for that and they well know after a few years they'll have to front another 500-1000$ for the newer version.

At least with PC's you have way more control and a broader aspect of what you can do with it. Of course also being able to game properly on them will cost you more but at the end of the day you might get away with just upgrading s graphics card instead of the while system 2 years later.

I can't wait for this whole sector to be revolutionised where companies aren't the main profiteers of what they create. PC gaming is on the frontlines and I suspect consoles are nearing the end of the line for them to sell in the same way they do today, hopefully.


The problem with PCs is the upgrades needed.

I was thinking about mobile gaming the other day and how crap the games actually are if you compare them to what else is available on PC or console. Essentially, mobile gaming has saved gaming companies from needing to produce anything new as a basic platform game is good enough. They can just rehash old shot with new characters and people will pay 5 dollars for it.

The console gaming life is one of eternal user as there is so little that can actually be done by the user to change the experience. As you said, "comfortable lay back and play with a controller" - and learn nothing more.