Mr. Dreamtree's Recent Sleep Paralysis and Some Tidbits About H. R. Giger

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The Stuff of Nightmares

Since Larry Dreamtree quit drinking at the end of July, his previous persistent problem of experiencing "sleep paralysis" has returned in full force. Every other night he experiences the feeling of a "presence" in the bedroom that pushes down upon him, rendering him unable to move, breathe, or speak. Just last night, he had this experience with his eyes still open. His eyes were fixated on the pillow next to him as this "presence" bore its weight upon him and as this pressure increased, the pillow next to him seemed to illuminate as if it was filled with blue electricity of some sort. The pillow shook and vibrated as he was left with the feeling of being unable to breathe. This seemed to last for several minutes. He could even feel the pillow "shaking" the bed. He eventually came to but, was unable to rest easy in the aftermath.

Similar events happened several times this week. In one episode, about 5 nights ago, he could feel the "presence" punching him in the face as the pressure bore down upon him. Lucky for me, I have not experienced such things and have no frame of reference. Thank God. Sounds scary as hell.

Why Does it Happen?

First, a little bit of "Larry History". He had these frequent episodes of Sleep Paralysis from the time he was about 8 years old up to the time he was 25 and started drinking for the first time. Once he started drinking, he would pass out at night and seemed to avoid these negative experiences. So odd that a drug that is notorious for generating bad "juju" would make sleep paralysis go away. This was partially the reason he became addicted to alcohol, as it allowed him to sleep in peace. Recently, he chose to quit because, well, it is a waste of money that we do not possess. So interesting that the sleep paralysis would return after doing such a good thing for no only his self but, me as well.

So, why do people experience this "Sleep Paralysis"? Scientists might tell you that it is some chemical imbalance or some other thing that would seem logical to the left brain. However, due to the research done by independent thinkers and due to Larry's experience with DMT in 2012, he feels this phenomenon is actually caused by vile entities that exist in the Ethereal Plane, aka, the 4th Dimension. Larry saw these beings once he "returned to his body" after smoking DMT in 2012, near Crater Lake. Once back in body, the van he was sleeping in was surrounded by silhouettes of beings that closely resemble the famous "Alien" design by H. R. Giger, depicted below.

giger alien.jpg

(art done by H. R. Giger, of course)

The only difference between this depiction and the beings Larry saw surrounding his van and rapping at his windows is the lack of details. They were literally shadow versions of this "creature", which is why Larry refers to them as "Shadow Beasts". These things numbered in the 1000's when they had his van surrounded. Thankfully, the DMT wore off completely and the beings ceased to be, well, at least for the time.

He has also seen these beings while Astral Projecting, or, being "Out of Body". On rare occasions, Larry will slip out of body and is free to navigate in his "spirit" form. In addition to being able to go anywhere in the blink of an eye, you can pass through walls and see the things that inhabit the 4d, or Ethereal Plane. During one of these projections, while on tour with his band, he witnessed one of these "Shadow Beasts" attached to his lead singer, who had been going through some negative juju over a girl he loved. It seemed to be feeding on his energy? Well, that is what it looked like to Larry.

Many others on the internet theorize that the cause of Sleep Paralysis is caused by non-other than these Shadow Beings that Larry and several others have witnessed. The theory states that these spiritual entities feast on negative energy in order to sustain their selves. Makes sense, during his youth, Larry was often bullied, lied to, fucked over, punished for learning, and all sorts of bad things that occupied his mind while he would try to sleep at night. Was it those negative thoughts that drew these Shadow Beasts into his life? More recently, since sobering up, his thoughts have dwelt on the negative once again, mostly due to his constant struggle with success not only with art, but in his "love life" as well and his constant frustration with the current human disposition. Is it these thoughts that bring this presence to him? What was it about alcohol that drove these thoughts away? Should Mr. Dreamtree just go back to drinking again? How can one really generate constant positive energy when the system is rigged against your "average" people?

A Note About the Art of H. R. Giger

In Larry's travels, he has met with and spoke to many artists, philosophers, historians, and all manners of folk from different walks of life. One thing he learned from this pantheon of good people, is that the art of H. R. Giger isn't what it seems to be on the surface. Most people view his art as something of a design template for the horror and sci-fi genres, as well as a metaphor for sex. While this is technically true, the deeper meaning is that Giger was actually channeling these creatures interdimensionally. It was as if these creatures were communicating with him to, "show the world that we exist and this is what we look like"! A conspiracy theory in the art world states that Giger was tapping into the spirit realm and "those in control" didn't really like that he was doing that, so, they bought his ideas then repackaged them as "aliens". Hence, the Alien movies that so many people adore. They are a LIE. Hence the term, aLIEn. They are telling you straight up that the nature of which they are presented to you is false. They would better be described as "fallen angels".

Similar things are true about Mr. Dreamtree's art. He is most certainly channeling something from the spirit realm. He can confirm this by eyewitnesses telling him they have seen his images before, but in dreams and/or visions. Hopefully the beings he has been channeling, the "blue skinned ladies", are benevolent. He certainly isn't trying to channel these Shadow Beasts. Leave muh dude alone, for fuck's sake!

Much Love, for this dimension and all of the rest!

Lucy Sage Dreamtree

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