UFO Video Authentic, Admits U.S. Navy

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Unidentified flying objects (UFOs) have been spotted for a long time. Some indications in artwork suggest hundreds of years, if not thousands of years if we interpret the stories, tales and myths of old that way.

But with video evidence, we can see that there are objects in the sky that maneuver by superior technology to what we currently have on display in society. And the Navy admits these objects exist, at last.


Instead of calling them UFOs, they are Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP). The Pentagon released files from Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), which cotnaind videos they didn't want to get out, saying they were "never officially released to the general public."

Pilots who reported the sightings first suspected a top secret drone program. But given the aerial maneuvers, this was ruled out quickly. Check out some of the footage yourself:

The Navy’s Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Warfare Spokesman Joseph Gradisher confirmed that the videos are genuine. They aren't necessarily alien, which the Navy stresses.

Either way, there is advanced technology being demonstrated. Who created it or is using it is unknown. But the existence of such objects is known, and with all the evidence over the years, it's good that the Navy isn't denying reality that is laid bare.



you remind me of something i saw today. i was driving to work and i saw this really weird tiny looking storm cloud in the sky. I was thinking: "wow wouldn't it be crazy if you could make a UFO look like that?

then i thought:

nah, it's probably just a weird cloud. if it was a UFO it would probably disappear soon.

Then it faded out slowly into thin air while i watched it at a red light... lol.

Clouds do fade away, maybe it was something else though ;)

ha. i mean... it was a cloud... but it was a weird experience. i can say that much

It was about time that the US admitted that UFOs are real. The question is, what/who are they?

Yup. It's been decades now, will we ever find out? I hope so :P

Yeah great video - I still think our masters don't quite know what it is like the rest of us

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Maybe they do know... there is the alleged Eisenhower agreement from the 50s...

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Wow, that's amazing footage! It's interesting that it's the Deputy Chief of Information Warfare who addressed the question. A seemingly honest answer anyhow, to imply that it could be terrestrial tech.