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RE: Why I Left the Zeitgeist Movement - Prologue

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Maybe you went down the wrong rabbit hole.

Zeitgeist was life changing for me. Very little in the doc was unvisited thinking, awareness, or not precisely personally theorized topics, but I felt validated. I also felt supported and saw that there were others who saw though different eyes, like I’ve always. Feeling alone and a “black sheep” was my life. Previously, I didn’t understand how people were “so blind”.

Eventually, I forget of Zeitgeist the documentary, but I wouldn’t be who I am today without that film prying open my mind.

I believe that zeitgeist and esoteric agenda have a lot to offer but the real takeaway isn’t necessarily data in those films. The takeaway is what it does to one’s mind and energy. The water it nourishes with and the permission it grants the viewer.

I’m glad you pulled yourself out of the wrong rabbit hole. 🐇 welcome back.


Agreed, it was a starter and wow did it get me started. like you said: finally seeing there are other people out there who have valid questions like myself, questions most people just shrug off.

thanks for the welcome, well maybe this doesn't come out right but I have been out of the movement since 2012, something I might have to edit in here still ahahaha. I just found it fair to write about reasons I joined before listing the reasons I left, and this series has been unfinished for years.

I still find most of what I learned in the Z movies spot on. (Un)fortunately though it is far from all-encompassing and there is ample danger to get stuck in the proposed solutions, partly because the problems are not captivating the real situation of life on Earth, only part of it.