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Tron / Justin Sun buying Steemit was undoubtedly the hot topic in the last couple of days. The topic itself is discussed in depth elsewhere, so I won't go that way here. What's interesting, though, is to put the attention around Tron on Steem in numbers and figures.

#tron on Steem

Here's the number of #tron posts since the start of 2020:

You can see that #tron wasn't too popular on Steem before Feb 14th, something like a handful of posts per day. This changed abruptly with the number of #tron posts exceeding 120 on Feb 14th and almost reaching 200 on Feb 15th. Since then, it decreased again.

To put this into perspective, here's a comparison with the number of #steemit posts per day:

So the number of #tron posts reached the same level as the number of #steemit posts on a 'typical' day. With the announcement, the number of #steemit posts obviously increased as well.

More activity on the chain?

Looking into the number of replies the above #tron and #steemit posts received gives the following figure:
The numbers here are the accumulated number of direct replies to the #tron and #steemit posts per day. It is probably no surprise, that the number of replies exploded together with the overall increase in #tron posts. #tron and #steemit posts reach more or less the same level, which indicates that the hottest posts likely had both tags. But does this mean that more users/accounts are active on the chain since the announcement of the merger?

This figure shows the number of distinct authors for root-level posts and comments on Steem per day. One might guess that there is an overall increase in activity, but this seems to start already before the announcement and will need more data to be really confirmed. There is no clear effect of the announcement on the number of actively posting users per day.

Did it attract new users?

The following plot shows the number of new accounts per created per day:
Also here, no clear impact on the number of registered accounts with the announcement. However, I have no information on the signup waittime for accounts created via @steem at the moment. Those who actually wanted to sign up after the announcement might still be in the queue :/ edit: as @pennsif pointed out below, the account creation time seems to be typically in the order of hours

so there is no 'creation lag' to be accounted for.

But: there's since long time again an increase on the number of new accounts created! The peak beginning of February stands out here and might need a more detailed look, but the overall trend looks positive!

Steem on!

This post was possible with direct PostgreSQL access to a hivemind instance provided by @emrebeyler - Thanks Emre!

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Very interesting stats.

Bit disappointing there has been no significant uptick in the number of new accounts post-Tron.

The current account creation time by Steemit Inc is down to as low as 2 hours during working hours, up to 1 - 2 hours over weekends and holidays, so there is no 'creation lag' to be accounted for.

oh, thanks for the update on the steemit account creation delays! While this is great news in itself, it also means that it didn't really lead to significantly more new accounts compared to the previous rate.

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Yes - that is disappointing.

I know myself and a number of others have been active on Twitter and Telegram inviting 'Tronics' (as they prefer to be called) to Steem, I think the numbers taking up the invite is likely to be measured only in dozens.

Got any numbers on new accounts talking about Tron? Just kidding :) Another time maybe!

The steem tag is one of the most overused along side steemit. I'm not sure people are talking about the token, chain, company, website and think it's one that's just thrown in much of the time.

Random question, does Emre's db (or something else not steemsql) show a break in the POWs data on the 15/08/2016 with a noticeable change in block_id format?


Got any numbers on new accounts talking about Tron? Just kidding :) Another time maybe!

left that for you :D

Indeed, #steem and #steemit are heavily used, far beyond their actual scope and I believe a lot of users can't really tell the difference.

The hive DB only stores the 'social' aspects like posts, comments, feeds, communities, etc, for the mining/rewards stuff you'd probably have to check the blockchain itself.

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left that for you :D

Oh, thanks :D

Ahh yes, hive - makes sense. I'm not sure I really want to know and understand - ignorance being bliss and all that. Cheers :)


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Maybe the API changed, 'cause I can't find where I pulled these from now, but I guess the change in block id format was probably a result of HF13 on August 15, 2016 at 14:00.

Lol, imagine that, account creation going up once somebody's job was on the line.

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