The Reasons Why SCOT Tribes Make More Sense for Investors

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The Presence of SCOT Tribes by @aggroed

Nothing makes the most sense about investing in a blockchain network space. But, there are always things that are more easily accepted as a reason why we are worth investing in assets in the blockchain network.

Steem Blockchain is superior in its unique investment pattern compared to other platforms. But behind the uniqueness, there are difficulties for "ordinary" users who are still very new to recognize the system. Limited steem power makes new users unable to interact much to expand the network.

At least regarding Steem power that can still be accepted by users as a reason for investing capital. But then, over time Steem Blockchain no longer looks small user-friendly. Everything looks businesslike for users who have tons of Steem Power.

The presence of the SCOT Tribe then made more sense to investors who came with little capital on the Steem Blockchain. In fact, many users do Powering-down Steem to then be exchanged for various Tribe's token power.

It is not entirely seen as a user error to mess up the system that was created. That was because the Tribe now seemed more plausible than Steem itself, even though they were connected to each other.

Here are some reasons in my mind that make users see Tribe as a new hope in the Steem Blockchain:

1. The price of tribe token power makes sense to build networks and increase profits

I feel Steem is too expensive to achieve, or maybe too exclusive for small users like me. But then the presence of scot tribes seemed to cure my sadness. I can contribute a lot in the community by creating significant power, not worth the dust vote as in my Steem power.

The price is more reasonable to create the power of voting in each tribe, this is a positive side that arouses the enthusiasm of users.

Small users have a good chance to make them visible in the community on their own tribe power tokens.

2. Communities come alive

The more affordable "power" prices make a tribe community come alive. More users are stakeholders. This benefits the users because they can give each other valuable votes for each other.

Natural actions on the Steem blockchain network are users who vote for each other if the other user gives a vote value, meaning giving reciprocity. This reciprocity will be difficult if it is in the form of Steem votes, because the ownership gap of Steem Power is already too high and it no longer allows small users to look equal.

In the tribe community, a new pattern of mutual support seems to be built. This will certainly make the platform more lively.

3. Significant Increase in Income Compared to Income from Steem tokens

If you look at the Steemit interface, maybe users only get 0.1 Steem in a post. But, certainly different when viewed from the tribe interface. A post can get more than one thousand values ​​of the tribe token. If calculated more real, the user can get 4-20 Steems on each post when the tribe token has been exchanged for Steem.

This is a pretty positive improvement and seeing the tribe certainly makes more sense for now.
But there is a negative side to the presence of the SCOT Tribe which is considered more reasonable. Here is the negative effect of SCOT Tribe at a glance:

- Many Abusers Appear

The easier side to increase profit, it brings more abuser.

This is not a big problem if each tribe imposes strict rules and forms a team to fight the abuser. That way each tribe will be free from those who want to double profits in a cunning way.


Steem blockchain is like someone we really love. How bad is the attitude, there are always positive things that will make us come back.

Does Steemit Inc. then see the SCOT Tribe as an opponent that causes "the lovers" to turn away? Or can Steemit Inc. learn from the SCOT Tribe pattern of action to embrace again users who had turned away?

We will never know. Let's just see if HF 21 is really a more interesting form of "NEW STEEM", or not. We wait!

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Hey there @anggreklestari!
Thanks for your contribution to the realityhubs community. I strongly agree with you when you say that many abusers appear. Abuser are always there and can be reduced/stopped by making good rules. Thanks again for writing this review. I like it.

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