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Very cool information! Didn't really know all that much about elms... I know there was an elm disease for a while that took out many of the old trees; very sad. I also remember the round seed pods with the little seeds in the center.

I like that you have an elm tree growing as a container plant!



Hi, CC! Good to see you!
Yeah, Dutch Elm Disease is still around unfortunately, but they do have some treatments now I think, so I believe if you catch it in your established trees and call an arborist, they can kill the bugs or the fungus or whatever - I'm not sure exactly what the treatment is.
Yeah, I love Emmy the Elm Tree - and she inspired me to try growing other trees in pots. I had a couple of starts that then fried last year when I had to move them temporarily to a different spot (literally, the front of my apartment instead of the back on the balcony) - they were too little to take the sudden swing in sun levels, I think. But I keep trying. It's a learning process. ;)