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RE: Walking the IconSiam Super Mall with Neli.

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How exciting that you two got to meet up! I would have loved to see a photo of both of you together, but your photos of the mall are all fantastic!


It was really lovely to meet someone in person after only interacting on social media it was a real pleasure meeting @nelinoeva face to face and you know after we had left and said our goodbyes we both thought the same thing the next day no photos of us together we were to busy 🤣

I do that often! I was just thinking that Thanksgiving would have been the perfect time for photos of me with the my grandkids...but I never thought of it while they were here. I guess we were too busy having fun!

Yep..i fully get it , it does happen but Neli did get a couple of shots of me with her son which was 🙂

It was so lovely to meet you @hangin and who knows may be next time we will have more time and we can have photos together.
I am back in the freezing cold, brrrrrr, on my way to work. Holiday is over, :-(
But on the brightb side, Christmas is near. :-)

And likewise my friend and i am sure you will be back. Keep warm and take care yourself 👍