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Wednesday's is normally my day of from work and it fit's in well with #wednesdaywalk hosted by @tattoodjay i usually don't plan anything for that day in the morning after my sleep in i wake and see how i feel and go from there but on this particular Wednesday morning which i am going to take you back to last Wednesday i had a mission on hand.

My mission was to head over to the Prince Palace for a reason and knowing that SteemFest was held there this year made it more exciting , i had every intention of going to the SteemFest meet up but work got in the way...Bummer...but it was going to be interesting to see this hotel anyway as it is a famous hotel in Bangkok so to the Skytrain i walk then to Chit Lom canal and take the canal boat to the hotel.

A couple of photos from the train station.

I get to Chit Lom canal after walking about 20 minutes from the train station.

Now the reason i was going to the Prince Palace Hotel was the night before i saw a message from @arcange saying that he had lost his LG mobile phone and may have forgotten it in his room or dropped it somewhere in the hotel so i responded to him saying that i would going out that way that way tomorrow and would pop into the hotel and ask at the reception.

On the way down the canal i got talking to some people on the boat and missed my stop i ended up one stop away from the hotel never mind it was a nice day for a walk it was @wednesdaywalk day after all and it was a opportunity to snap a few more photos along the canal.

Some Thai workers hard at work building another walkway across the river canal.

After about a kilometer and a bit walk along the river canal i arrive at the Prince Palace Hotel i enter the hotel go to reception and a sign at reception in telling me to go to 14th Floor where i suppose the main reception would be after checking out the ground floor which was looking quite old style but very impression i get into the life and up to 14th Floor.

Apparently Prince Palace has Tower A and Tower B so i get out of the life and i had no idea where i was or what direction to head to find reception anyway i didn't mind i was in no hurry and the inside of the hotel was quite interesting to look at and i knew i would eventually find the reception desk.

So after walking through one tower not seeing any reception desk only long hallways with people everywhere and all sorts of meeting going on in all the meeting rooms i walked out of this tower still on the 14th Floor and found myself in a swimming pool area between the two towers with some interesting views around me so before trying to find the reception desk in the next tower i thought i would enjoy the views from this level so @arcange will get to your LG phone soon enjoying the views :)

Honestly great views a great pool a nice patio i hope you SteemFest people made use of all these facilities and enjoyed the views they are awesome and probably more awesome from up in the rooms i am jealous i didn't make it to the SteemFest.

Right great views now let's get back to why i came here let's go and investigate this LG phone of yours Mr @arcange walk into Tower A and see the reception desk in the far distance as i approach the desk there was a huge argument going on between all the receptionist and a Chinese man and his tribe.

So i turned away from that and on the right hand side was a information desk with a lovely lady sitting there just listening in to the Chinese tribe going off , we both had a chuckle about it then i asked her if i could speak to a manager about lost property her English was not so good but she understood what i was wanting through my bit of Thai speaking and English :)

So the information desk makes a call and shortly after another lady arrives at the information desk she was one of the managers in the hotel and her English was ok i explain to her about the lost LG phone but the conversation soon came to a dead end because i didn't have @arcange real name nor his room number and even though i had the full description of the phone it wasn't helping so i sent @arcange a message on Steemit but i wasn't confident that he would see or read it anytime soon so i exchanged numbers with the manager lady and said i would get back to her. Luckily i didn't wait around for @arcange to reply to my message i would of had to book a room there myself because he didn't response to the day :)

So knowing there was nothing else i could do i decide to continue on with my @wednesdaywalk leaving the hotel i continue up the river canal for a short distance and decided to cross over one of them walkway bridges to the other side and walk through some local suburban areas around there because i have seen a lot of the river canal i wanted to see something different.

Marking my way back home on the other side of the river canal walking away from the Prince Palace Hotel i come to this temple that is been nicely kept from the outside i ran into some Monks walking the street and and nice French Bull Terrier who came to say hello to me.

Walking down further in didn't want to stroll through the temple as it was getting late i see this open road opposite the temple it looked a bit like China Town but not maybe just another suburban were the Thai-Chinese live so of i go to investigate i love old dwellings like this so much history to be seen in this street i would love to know some of the history it always intrigues me.

As always you will always see your food vendor stores and fruit and veggies stalls set up along the streets you will never starve in Thailand.

Coming out of this suburban area i knew i had to turn left in order to follow the main road running parallel with the canal which would hopefully lead me to the Skytrain station but along the way another temple caught my eye so i thought i would have a quite look inside because Chinese Temples do have different structures and statues of Buddhas.

And the Temple cat was there to welcome me :)

I get all these different Chinese statues but the last statue a skeleton now that really confused me that i didn't understand.

Well enough of the skeleton i am out of here that freaked me :(
Let's look at some real muscle power motor bikes.

At this point of time from when i had left home i have already walked about 10 kilometers but the sights never end in Bangkok just when you thin it's time to go home to run into something else of interest and for me i love seeing the old with the new this old Thai wooden house just looks superb in the middle of the city right next to a beautique hotel.

I had walked about another one kilometer before i go to this point and notice the Skytrain was near this hotel very convenient the hotel name is [email protected]

This [email protected] Hotel was amazing have never seen such beautiful copper or brass sculpture designs in one place some much time and effort has gone into designing this hotel that i could of spent hours in there looking at all these beautiful colorful masterpieces absolutely superb.

The inside the outside was just like been at a art gallery the things people come up with just amazing.

This [email protected] Hotel is just near the busy center of the MBK Shopping Center you take the Skytrain to the last station called National Stadium hope out and it's 5 minute walk from there in the city center next to all the famous shopping malls like Siam Paragon.

And before i go let me tell you the conclusion to the LG mobile phone and @arcange i passed on the lady managers phone number to @arcange and he finally got around to calling her today after another week had passed and he got the sad news that the LG mobile phone has already been sold as spare parts in the MBK shopping mall in the mobile center no where to be seen RIP .... LG .... Sorry @arcange at least we tried but one good thing i did enjoy my day you sending me out on that mission :)

Thank you @tattoodjay for #wednesdaywalk challenge it's certainly giving me more of a boost to get out there and see the beautiful things around us.

Thank you @travelfeed for providing this opportunity for us to create travel content of interest to the people out there it's the next closest way to imagining of be there in person.

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I am not !DERANGED but I do give some away...

Thank you @pixelfan much appreciated 👍

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Thank you @pixresteemer 👍

A pity that Arcange didn’t get his phone back but a marvelous Wednesday Walk post i love the sights you show us there and with so many photos its like you are taking us along with you

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Yeah it was a shame and thank you for coming along the tour with me my pleasure to show you around...haha 🤭


Thanks for share your memories

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My pleasure 👍

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Thank you @deranged.coin much appreciated 👍

I just realised I never took many photos of the hotel when I was staying there. How come you didn't join us?

You were probably to busy mixing in with couldn't make it i got called away for work down south of Thailand hopefully see you in Europe on the next SteemFest 😒

That would be great, your posts on the shopping malls were very useful, thanks for that!

My pleasure you most welcome my friend 🙂

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Thank you @LivingUKTaiwan and @steemitworldmap much appreciated 👍

All these beautiful photos, which revive the good memories that I have of my stay in Bangkok.
Once again, thank you so much for what you did to try to find my phone.
I hope I will have the opportunity to return to Thailand so that we can have a drink together. Or maybe you will attend SteemFest 5, that would be great!
All the best @hangin

See not all was lost you got to take home some great memories and meant some great people well i will always be here if your ever in Bangkok again and Europe SteemFest sounds a go for me somewhere different ... Take care and it's always a pleasure..Cheers 👍

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Holy smokes sir hangin! This is like the most epic wednesdaywalk post ever!

It was a great day for a walk some times my feet don't want to take me home they just want to keep walking 🙂

And the sights and views are endlessly fascinating there!

I always like putting on a show just for you sir janton 🤭

Thanks, I'm honored sir hangin!

My pleasure sir janton got to keep my red neck friend happy 🙂