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RE: Walking the IconSiam Super Mall with Neli.

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Thank you so much @ocdb you mean like sharing on Facebook and Discord i usually do that but not sure how to post it on Twitter or other social medias ?


Hi Angelo!! @hangin There is a button to share the link above and to the right of where you upvote the post. It has a Twitter, FB and Linkedin icons.

Don't forget to follow me once you get there!


Of course, it goes without saying that you need to create a Twitter account. You don't tweet??

I don't believe it! i don't tweet i don't have time to shave some times you want me to tweet also omg but i will look into it my friend by the why is this for extra exposure is that the idea ??

Hope you had a great thanks giving day my friend 🙂

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Thank you @dswigle very kind of you ❤️