Geodesic Cactus Dome in Bangkok.

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Geodesic Cactus Dome in Bangkok.

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The other day for my #wednesdaywalk i decided to visit the Geodesic Cactus Dome in Bangkok which is in Suan Luang Rama 9 Park in Bangkok , i had heard about this cactus dome and me been a lover of cactus plants i just had to get myself out there.

The Geodesic Cactus Dome is actually situated in a public park in one of Bangkok's largest green space here you can see the best of botanical garden, memorial and museum all rolled into one , but i had arrived in this park about 2pm and the cactus dome was only going to be open till 4pm so i made my way directly over , it is positioned about in the middle of the park so it was about a 20 minute walk to the cactus dome.

Before i entered the Cactus Dome which is free but you actually have to paid 10 baht to enter the park which is ( 30c US ) i thought i would talk a little walk around the cactus garden around the outside of the dome.

I was getting carried away by all these beautiful and spiky colorful Mexican cactuses out here around the dome so i thought i better get myself into that cactus dome before it closes up on me.

These Cactuses were definitely beautiful , huge and tall and set out like they were growing in a Mexican desert is where you will find most of these Cactuses.

This park is not only a great place for tourist but for many foreigners living in Bangkok for any length of time , it arouses a need to see some greenery and take time out to relax from the hustle and bustle of the big city and is exactly what i am doing today.

If you visit this park early morning like i have sometimes they have a early morning market you can have breakfast , then buy some fruit and veggies to take home the market is very Thai and they do have many other Thai foods you can order. Anyway getting back to the Cactus gardens it was getting closing time for the Dome so a couple of more photos inside the dome then head back to the cactus gardens outside around the dome.

I found the the most interesting in this park was the Geodesic Cactus Dome full of unusual cactus plants and succulents , all provided with their botanical names. If your are a plant lover or keen gardener you’ll find seeing these alone are worth the visit to Suan Luang Rama IX park.

So it was closing time for the dome and you know what according to the security guard i was the only visitor in this dome today as with the CoranaVirus the tourist have dropped dramatically in Thailand actually the whole park itself was very empty.

This is what they call this spiky tree which has these beautiful white flowers and huge seeds where the leaves and the flower sprouts out from.

I have actually never seen some of these wonderful Cactus trees they really are amazing and deadly if you happen to run into them , they would certainly leave some holes in :)

So this brings me to the end of my #wednesdaywalk if you are ever in Bangkok do visit this park there is so much more to see they even have a number of international gardens set up representing garden designs of various countries including France, England, China, Japan, Spain and the USA.

Getting To Suan Luang Park/ Address

An easy option if your close to a BTS line (skytain station) is to get off at station Udom Suk and take a taxi from there (costs about 80 baht).
Opens: 5.00am – Closes 7.00pm
Address: Chalermprakiet Rama 9, Sukhumvit 103 Road (Udom Suk). From the Srinakarin Road you come to the park from the back of Seacon Square.

Thank you @tattoodjay for #wednesdaywalk challenge it's certainly giving me more of a boost to get out there and see the beautiful things around us.


Thank you @dswigle for giving us the opportunity to show of our countries markets on #marketfriday it is certainly a very knowledgeable subject to see what our neighboring countries can bring to us.


Thank you @travelfeed for providing this opportunity for us to create travel content of interest to the people out there it's the next closest way to imagining of be there in person.

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What a cool place you visit such an interesting range of cacti

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Thank you my friend it was a real nice day walking this park there was so much to see very enjoyable place 👍

Looks like a place i would enjoy visiting

Have a great weekend

You would definitely love this park it has lots of bridges also will do another post of this park soon showing some bridges 👍

I look forward to that post :)

Cheers ...have a great weekend 👍

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