Christmas in Bangkok City 2019.

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Christmas decoration in Bangkok city is it really that time of the year , well sadly to say it is and we are almost at the end of the year once again i do love the city getting dressed up for Christmas spirit but i am thrilled due to the fact that i am now another year older and the fact that this year flew past that quick that i think i missed :)

For every year i have been in Bangkok city for Christmas i have always bought to you our beautiful city of decoration that the main super malls put on display and this year is no exception let's start of with the Siam Paragon Mall.


Siam Paragon is a high end mall with all the brand names you can think of but it also has many shops and a awesome food court for the average everyday shopper a great place to spend a day and maybe caught the latest movie at the digital sound cinema.

Siam Paragon even flew in a Helicopter this year for a special carnival sale on Army gear.

After seeing what Siam Paragon had on for Christmas decoration this year wasn't as impressive as other years but was still ok , i decided i was going to just keep walking to all the major malls in the city center so the next one i came to which was about 1 km away from Siam Paragon was the CentralWorld so in i go to cool of a bit been such a hot day today i needed some air-con.


CentralWorld shopping mall is one huge super mall you could spend a week walking around in this mall it just has every brand name shop , restaurants of every food you can think of , never ending coffee shops and suitable for any shopper. It's in the heart of the city surrounded by a few more super malls but this one is the biggest of them all.

Well i was done with CentralWorld Shopping Mall and i must say they always put on a great show but again i must say it wasn't as extravagant as last year but passable. So across the road i when to the Amarin Shopping Mall.


I quite like the Amarin Mall it is not a huge mall compared to the others but it always puts on a lovely display it thinks about everyone including kids and it's always colorful and picturesque great for taking photos and the other thing it always has little snack bars out the front great street food and fruits just for that little break before you move on.

The next set of shopping malls i wanted to look at were about a 3 to 4km walk from the Amarin shopping mall and i was deciding whether to walk or take the Skytrain but been such a beautiful day to be walking i decided to keep walking but not far down was the Mercury Ville Mall never been into this one and didn't go inside it looked colorful from outside i snapped a couple of shots and kept walking.


All these malls are one long big stretch of road which is like the main city road that runs through Bangkok city and also the Skytrain BTS line runs all along this road so it's quite a enjoyable road to walk along with lots of activity happening and lots to see is why i enjoy walking.

So after a bit of sight seeing along the way i arrive at the Emporium which is also a luxury shopping mall in Khlong Toei District, Bangkok, Thailand. It opened up in 1997. It is owned and operated by The Mall Group, who also operate the EmQuartier and Siam Paragon malls in Bangkok. It is on the main road i was telling you about called Sukhumvit Road the mall is on Sukhumvit Soi 24 beside Benchasiri Park.


I would say after all the malls that i have seen today the Emporium and the EmQuartier malls which are opposite each other they are like sister and brother malls. They were the best as far as decorations and entrances to the malls.

They even had some entertainers for kids which i find that very Christmasy and joyful all malls should have that.

Now across the walkway to the EmQuartier Shopping mall this is a recently finished mall and also a high end mall with all exclusive brands but also suited for the average shopper.

"EmQuartier Shopping Mall"

And that was my day done with shopping malls so on the Skytrain i go heading home but one more stop before home and that was one train station before my apartment i just to stop here as a tradition i always take a photo or two of the Christmas tree on the Chongnonsi walkway bridge it's my favorite walkway bridge with great views all round.

And after my 10km walk my beautiful Sunday is over and it has been one i enjoyed very much the perfect day for a walk in the city i hope you all had a great one also.

I hope you all had a great Sunday like me thank you @ace108 for hosting #beautifulsunday and thank you @c0ff33a for hosting #SublimeSunday.
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Well decorated

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Thank you my friend 👍

Wow @hangin. You captured some fantastic photos of the Christmas decorations.
Now all you need is some of the snow I received here last night. 😂 ⛄️

Thank you @redheadpei yep they know how to put on a Christmas show but yeah the snow is missing can you box some up and sent it via 🤣

very nice. I didn't get to see that the last trip.

You definitely need to come a spend more time here 🙂

Gosh! You have iron legs! And you must be very fit! You walked all over central Bangkok!! What fun you had!! Such a good day for you!!

Haha...i switch them to automatic and of they 🤣

Wow these shopping malls are really awesome Christmas decoration in Bangkok city photography.

Thank you my friend they really do make it feel like Christmas over here 🙂

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I like the idea of turning the ceiling into a landscape. I've always wanted to incorporate this into one of my work projects. Though most of the time i don't have high ceilings to work with.

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It did look good i must say but like you said you must have room and high ceilings for it to look good maybe when we get rich on Steemit you may be able to buy a we keep dreaming 🤣

Haha yeah then we do a steem version of meow wolf in an abandon high ceiling warehouse

And your music would set in well with the Meow Wolf scenery...just perfect hope that steem goes up soon 🤭

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Thank you @for91days and @travelfeed much appreciated 👍

Good post! It makes me recall back my time over there. Wow..nice Christmas deco in Bangkok.

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Nice to hear it brings good memories back to you i always love Bangkok more this time of the year it's so beautiful 🍁

Yeah, so beautiful there in Bangkok in fact a happening and lively city. Singapore Orchard Road here also light up for Christmas celebration.

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It really does light up here i would love to see a post on Singapore Christmas you maybe should do one if you have time 🍁

Yeah..sure if I have time to drop by there. Thanks for good suggestion.

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That's awesome i will be looking forward to it so nice to see different Christmas decoration from other countries have fun doing it 👍

All looking super festive, although my favourite photos are the helicopter- how awesome is it to see one of those up close? Can you sit inside and printed your flying it vvvvvvrrrrrrmmmmmmm !COFFEEA

Posted using Partiko iOS was cool to see this helicopter i was very tempted to take it for a 🤣