[Walking around the world] Warsaw, Poland

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Kapobubu Round the World +201 _ Ruah Wife

Warsaw Old Town, Poland

We traveled to Warsaw, Poland the first day.

Go to the Old Town :)

Every day when I arrive in my first country.

The simple greetings of that country

Save as mobile phone lock screen!

I don't have good hair. If you don't do this

I never remembered

I always carry my phone in my hand

When you can't think of it

I left it like this ㅎㅎㅎ

45 minutes from home to the Old Town by Google Map.

Um ... 45 minutes with Google Maps.

I'm going to watch and take pictures.

About an hour and a half to us!

Gogo! Gadsat !!

Taking pictures on the way,

Parks, furniture,

Chopin Chair

There is Chopin chair in Warsaw park!

Chopin music is choral when you press the button ~~~ ♬


Good weather,

Passing through the park, you will find a square and a tomb of the unknown soldier.

It is kept 24 hours 365 days.

There's a short shift every hour

I saw it by chance and it was wonderful!


People ride through the square on a kickboard.

This square has a nice sunset atmosphere :)

Enter the Old Town!

Cool statue

Nice cafe to take a break

Pretty ♡ View to

View to the foreground

It's a nice view, so it's healing :)

I'm drunk in the foreground

Post to see the prospect yogi

Wounds of war

This pillar collapsed during the war

Sigmund III Vasa pillar

Restore it again like this!
The old town of Warsaw
There were a lot of people performing and there were quite a lot of things to see.
Jamkobi Square is more beautiful and lively at night :)

The colors of the buildings were so pretty ♡

Holy Cathedral

Pretty sky and nice buildings


In the old story, a fisherman named Barth

After her wife Saba caught a mermaid

They got married,

Warsaw was the city of its descendants.

So Warsaw ...

Three thousand won for one bread.

I feel so expensive now in Asia.

But it was delicious

If it's delicious, jang

UNESCO World Heritage Wall Castle Barbakan

I wander around hard until the moon rises Go home! I love Warsaw so much every day It was hard ...

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