[Travel/Stem] Affordable tele-communication museum tour in Kuala Lumpur

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[Travel/Stem] Affordable tele-communication museum tour in Kuala Lumpur

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Son going to telecommunication museum for the first time

Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia, and situated right at the middle of the west peninsular. That however, what sort of tourist attraction you can expect from an urban city? As we were waiting for family member attending mass, me and my son sneak to the neighborhood and visit the Muzium Telekom(Telecommunication museum).

Huge telephon and phone booth, and also a cafeteria.

Walking in from the front entrance, passes by the guard house, immediately you will see a huge old school telephone that only appear back back in the 70s? And the old phone booth, are for decopration purpose only. The pay phone inside the phone booth is dead. The cafeteria, I heard LazyMom told me the food not bad. The only problem is, we just had our breakfast, and therefore we decided not to visit the cafe.

Lieutenant Adnan Saidi, hero of the time

Since I'm not too sure if you'll be able to read the article, I will quote it here so you can read it.

When the Japanese invasion began, the last stand of the Malay Regiment was an epic 48-hour battle led by Lieutenant Adnan and his 42-man platoon. Intense aerial, artillery and mortar attacks by the Japanese crippled all the telephone communications for the Battalion headquarters. Greatly outnumbered and short of ammunition, Lieutenant Adnan and his men refused to retreat.

As the battle dwindled, his enemies who were angered by his fierce resistance ended him in a gruesome manner. His story, and that of the 42 men, has since been commemorated on the silver screen.

Was it me? Or the article does read somewhat off? Doesn't really matter.

Mat Kilau, the freedom fighter

Ok. I will shorten the story. Mat Kilau, is a freedom fighter since 1847. He fought the British until he was captured and was titled as traitor to the Sultan. He escaped and hide himself. After independence, he revealed himself in 1969, and was verified(how?) and was pronounced dead at the estimated age of 122.

Model of the museum buildings and several old analog dial phones

More antique phones, some of the best technology at that time

Not forgetting Arthur!

There's different kind of phone, history before entrance to the Museum. It's free up to this stage, so feel free to come and snap some photo and read some history.

Ticket price

At the 2nd floor, there's only 1 door opened, which is the entrance to the museum. Do not worry, as the pricing are very friendly. Local adults for 6 and child for 3. Terms and condition clearly stated.

<img alt="40" touch screen android" src="" width="2340" height="4160" />

Right immediately after the ticketing counter is the Morse Code emulator on a 40" touch screen TV, the kid is having some fun trying to understand how this game played.

Early communication - small wooden boat

Al-Quran, the holy book of Islam

People communicate via elephant in 1300s? More like transportation right?

Revelution of communication

Radio was introduced in 1896?

Telephone - apologize on the blur vision

And because of Alex Graham Bell, and the phone has a bell ring.

Museum keeper demonstrate Morse Code with the actual tapper

<img alt="Another 40" Android with a Morse Code generator app running. Key in your phrase and it will generate a code for you." src="" width="4160" height="2340" />

Connecting the Peninsular with Borneo Island with telephone line

One of the earlier wireless radio station

The museum has separate sections, and leading one to another era of communication. We're having fun understanding how they evolved, and most important is the museum keeping is very friendly and helpful. Particularly like he pull out one of the Morse Code machine and show us how it was tap, and electricity distortion passes through the white noise and the receiver to decode it to get the words and finally understand the message. We felt really grateful for having all the modern technologies nowadays. Imagine if it's a 5 minutes YouTube video in Morse code.

Storyboard of the era of telecommunications in Malaysia

And the era carry on, until Mobile phones

Radio were widely accepted in the 40s' commercial, and our very first local super star was born during that era.

This is gold, a teleprinter

Best way to explain to kids what's WhatsApp looks like back then

Sometimes, it's not about how advanced our technology is, it's about how we appreciate and utilize the technology we existingly have. P.Ramlee as example, one of our earliest radio celebrity that won his singing contest hosted by the radio station, since then more and more venture into entertainment profession. Not only that, this should be my first time in my life see a teleprinter. At first I have no idea, because to me, a printer I know. A type writer, I also know because my mom still have it. However, this is a teleprinter, which means it literally receive "data" from the phoneline, and translate them into electronic signals, and send the characters to the printer and print out the transmission.

Human telephony

Crossbar Telephone Exchange

There's this life size telephone connecting system in a glass room which you can see how many lines has been wired into the rack. Unfortunately, my phone camera doesn't capture low lights that well, the shot was too dark and blur. This however, you can see the shadows behind the portrait display.

Hazard lamp

Control panel

Inmarsat A

Earlier version of sat phones and mobile phones

Having a chance to see all this, it totally open my eyes to understand how the latest communication tool function. Note that the Inmarsat transmitter is no difference then the ISP transmitter installed everywhere, so our cell phones has a coverage. And those earlier satellite phone has a huge antenna that can probably use to crack a walnut.

Yellow box!

This, is the legendary yellow box back in my era. It's a pay phone that we love alot before the "chipped prepaid card" were introduced. The timer mechanism for these type of phone is fairly straight forward, once you inserted coin, it got blocked before the keypad. Once your receiver picked up the phone, the listening channel will be activated, and it trigger the coin blocker to take in the coin(s) and start counting. Back then I used this kind of phone alot, calling a girl from the different state but paying local rate.

Dial phone

This is the earlier version of dial phone, I only seen this once many years ago when I visited YMCA Ipoh town. My dad probably will have a better idea of this.

This phone, goes all the way back to when I was 9 years old

Orange is the corporate color of J&T back then, which is the Telekom of today. We have one of this monster at home right up to 31 years ago, and the technician came and change the phone for us.

More public pay phone that require to lock.

Female operator

Not only we learn about the technology, but the cultural mix has been greatly improved. And the best part was, female get's a job.

<img alt="More 40" Android" src="" width="2340" height="4160" />

They have also ipad, computers and many more.

Note that those computer has children cartoon and youtube

Very affordable visit and lots to study

Overall, this tour was marvelously worthy consider we're only here to burn off some time whilst waiting for the female tiger. Come on man, if you're local, I don't see why not. For RM3 investment and get you bring the kid to the computer room and set him/her there for another 10 hours. In the end, they don't oftenly get to play with 40" Android.

[//]:# ( Muzium Telekom d3scr)

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