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RE: [Travel/Stem] Affordable tele-communication museum tour in Kuala Lumpur

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Hi @for91days , I did author the post via but the blockchain is having some glitches throughout the day. I don't know how editing a post will ended up become "authored" with



As most frontends, Busy overwrites the "app" tag when editing, making it look like the post was originally published through Busy. This means that no Google traffic for this post will go to TravelFeed, the post therefore has much less value for us (and for you as author this will mean less ad income when we launch ads with revenue sharing on TravelFeed). We state in our policies that editing on other frontends will remove the eligibility for perks, but we have now changed the curation comment to make this more clear, thanks for pointing this out! You can edit your post on TravelFeed - this will not change the upvote you received, but you will become eligible to be featured in our daily round-ups in which we share rewards with authors.

Will be extra careful next time