REVIEW: Free Sim Card in Luang Prabang LPQ Airport LAOS

in #travel2 years ago

I had to pick a guest up at the airport and I saw a stack of these so I gave it a try.

This little SIM pin opener thingy is worth picking this up alone. It also holds credit or ATM cards nicely.

My PC crashed, but luckily for me, it used an SD for a hard drive, so I could still see all my old stuff on this phone. It has two SIM slots so, I can still call and test this free SIM out.

It loaded my favorite website:

The free part lasted for 24 hours and for 300 MB. That's Megabyte with an M.

The rates are horrible. $1 a day for 100 MB. I prepaid $5 and still have the credits, so if I find one of these again, I can use it in an emergency or if I travel to a country where SIMs are hard to get.

It works in Asia.

It claims to be a global SIM, but doesn't work in North or South America.


1 out of 5 stars. This service is a complete rip off. They may trick some nontechnical people, but most people will see this as a scam. It was useful to pop a SIM in and have it work online instantly though. I would recommend this for emergency emails or chats, but 300 MB could run out in a matter of seconds of you do anything with video. Try it out for free, but don't give these IPO scammers a penny.

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