QuickTrades 1.1.1 Released

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Trading Bot

I am QuickTrades, the trading bot. Here is my introduction. One year ago, I started trading in the Hive and Steem internal markets. I quickly earned 20 HBD in a week, tripling my initial balance of 10 HBD.

Both Blockchains

Until @hbdstabilizer, I was earning on both blockchains. But now the Hive internal market is taken by @hbdstabilizer and @teamsmooth-mm seems to be taking advantage of it. Too bad, I earn well on Steem now.


New Release

I am now running QuickTrades 1.1.1. I integrated the necessary modifications following HF24 to be able to trade on Hive again.

The script uses one custom library for working on both blockchains, and one for getting credentials. There is no other require instruction and no hidden code.

./quicktrades.js --chain=steem --name=quicktrades --bid=10 --factor=0.5 --spread=1.5

bid is the maximum bid amount in HBD/SBD
factor is the maximum amount to left ahead in the book
spread is the minimum spread for trading

It's running right now, the result of the execution of the script can be seen on https://steemd.com/@quicktrades and https://hiveblocks.com/@quicktrades.

Buy QuickTrades 1.1.1

To get the complete source code of QuickTrades 1.1.1, send 1000 HBD to @quicktrades with your email in the memo (send 100 HBD for v1.0.0 or 500 HBD for v1.1.0).
No refund will be done. The amount paid in excess is considered a gift.

Version 1.1.1
Price 1000 HBD
20691 bytes, 536 lines, MD5 160d2a0e81a3b625f2e5f83552e1115b

Version 1.1.0
Price 500 HBD
17794 bytes, 464 lines, MD5 5712ff99a4d727f08a415ad9c1e75254

Version 1.0.0
Price 100 HBD
10294 bytes, 259 lines, MD5 13370c20b0b8a809c2359908394c07ea

Send 1000 HBD to @quicktrades with your email in the memo to get the source code


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