Rewards Problem

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If a SQUARE token has a reward curve of x => x^2^ according to the amount of SQUARE powered up.

If only two people vote on a post, and one user has 1 SQUARE power and the other has 5 SQUARE power; how do you attribute the rewards from the voters?

Together the power is 6, so the reward for the post is 36.

  • Is it 83%, 17% because of the amount of proportional power? But the rewards are not linear, so its wrong.
  • The 5 square user contributes 25 and the other 1 so is it? 96% 4%?
    But these numbers do not add to 36, so that's wrong.
  • Now if the only voter was the 5 power, then the post would have earned 25. So, is the 1 power user responsible for the 11?
  • By the same argument if the only voter was the 1 power user, the post would have earned 1; therefore the 5 power user is responsible for 35. The same argument cannot give you two answers and be right.

Ecency and Bluebrain use the proportional approach. If one user removes his vote, the estimated payout value could change more or less than what the voter is attributed as in the vote list.

Throw in a multiplicity of different Hive-Engine tokens along with Hive as well and this problem gets even more complex.



So is this why my 2 posts from this day are not paying out?

am i allowed to spam and upvote my own comments to make up for the time i wasted expecting to be paid for my blogging?

It has been only five days. Perhaps the expectation pushes people away, whereas in other platforms where people get nothing there is no pressure to write a master piece article and people feel more like having fun.

Yeah true I am just always reflecting on this meme lately when i think of hive. I have been deeply vested into crypto since 2013 so this is nothing new to see developers acting like 12 year old children and slowly train wrecking because they dont want to accept the dissenting investors opinions.


Kind of a fucking piss off tbh and changes my entire opinion about engine tokens.