The puzzle of time does the past really disappear

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From a physical point of view, this trend of time is a great mystery, and the solution to this puzzle is not only the mission of physicists but also philosophers.

Time seems to flow in only one direction ... toward the future. In fact, this is a totally false belief. The discoveries of the previous century have shown that all we know about time is an illusion. Contrary to what we thought, time never flowed. Perhaps our past is nowhere else in the universe ... our future may now exist ... Einstein demonstrated that time can accelerate, slow, stop, or even return, but how? It is very familiar to us, how can we be so wrong about it? But if the time is not the same, then what is the time? From where he came? Will it end?

Time.......>> or ............. <<

Most people look at time superficially. They think time is a constant thing. The clock is ticking at the same speed at the same pace all over. Even if everything stops moving, from cars to planets or even light, time is constant. This is what the spiritual father of modern science Isaac Newton started and this is surely a misconception.

For Newton, time was something completely constant and its change constant at the same rate. Time is only progressing and cannot be stopped or doing anything about it, every moment comes only once ... despite Newton's logic, Einstein proved to be incorrect.

Einstein discovered that time is advancing at different speeds, and as it seems from his strange discovery that time may not be similar to me to what you have, we can say that Einstein's discovery crushed Newton's concept of reality ... Einstein reached this conclusion when he discovered a terrifying relationship between time and space.

By discovering this relationship, I realize that we cannot think of time and space as two separate units, but rather we must think of them as one indivisible unit and this was the beginning of the concept of "spacetime".

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