Big Bang Theory or Steady State Theory

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Big Bang theory script

Science and religion always had disputes, ever since the beginning of time. Science stood on the solid groundwork of evidences and Religion on fed on people's belief, and imagination. Before the twentieth century, there was no general agreement or agreed benchmark on whether or not the universe had a start or existed ever since. Some researchers and religious fanatics believed and went ahead within the claims of the Bible, that God created the Universe. Others decided to check the sweet nectar of the night skywatching and easily believed that it absolutely was continuously there (still a belief without an evidence).

It was only at the start of the twentieth century, when two theories emerged and stood strong, these were

  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Steady State Theory (Steady State Cosmos)

The Big Bang Theory is very definitive, and states that Universe Began at some point i.e. Universe has a beginning or start and it's not eternal, at some certain point in time, it will collapse. On the other hand, the Steady State Theory (Steady State Cosmos) suggest Universe is ever existent and is eternal, will remain forever.

In year 1916, Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity gathered him not only the fame throughout the world, but also his equations proposed the Universe has the Begining. His equations had a provision to predict the speed of galaxies moving away from each other, i.e. strong support to the idea of expansion of Universe. However, the idea of Expanding of Universe didn't impress Albert Einstein and thus he added the cosmological constant and turn the table around, now his theory was supporting the Steady State Theory i.e. Universe is Eternal. At this point when religion decided to intervene and the Roman Catholic Priest, also the Belgian cosmologist George Lemaitre proved that Albert Einstein's idea of Eternal Universe was wrong or adding cosmological constant was the mistake. He predicted, the presence of cosmic microwave radiation (Universe's oldest electromagnetic waves) due to Big Bang. However may astronomer, astrophysicists and scientific community didn't like George's idea to support Big Bang theory and believed that George had hidden agenda of supporting the Catholic church and pushing it ahead to align it with the biblical textual claims of God Created the Universe. Due to this George faced many backlash and criticism from scientific community. iI was in year 1964, for the first time scientist detected the cosmic microwave radiation that George Lemaitre had predicted and thus since then it remains one of the strongest evidence of Big Bang Theory.

Steady State Theory (Steady State Cosmology):

  • SST or SSC proposes universe to have average properties that are constant and same in entire observable universe, hence universe is needed to create a continuous and spontaneous matter all the time to maintain the constant average densities throughout universe as it expands.
  • Steady State Theory also proposes universe has no beginning and no end. it is eternal and infinite.

Similarities between Big bang Theory and Steady State Theory (Steady State Cosmology)

  • Both theories, believe in expanding universe.
  • Distance and Speed are related.

Differences - Steady State Theory (Steady State Cosmology)

  • SSC claims Universe has no beginning - its eternal, always the same.
  • Does not change with time.
  • No supporting theory or evidences to support or explain Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB)

Differences - Big Bang Theory

  • Big Bang initiated as compressed hot state of matter
  • Big Bang Theory suggest universe expansion is speeding up.
  • BBT explained and proved Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB)

What lead to Steady State Theory being discarded.

  • SST mentions there were multiple cosmic radio sources, billion of years ago than they are now, that means universe is changing over time and this contradicts its own claim of Eternal Universe.
  • Discovery of Quasars and Pulsars found at distance of many light years from earth, they are found only in earlier universe, strong support to the beginning of universe.
  • SST failed to accommodate and prove the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB).


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Big bang theory invented by Ji lametor and also this theory explanation by Stephane hawking. Its concern world is atomic blust thats why create but its just scientifical thought.but its not true.i am not believe it

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No offence, it is not Ji lametor, it is Georges Lemaitre, he was Priest and Cosmologist, His complete name Georges Henri Joseph Édouard Lemaître. Now talking about Scientific theories, they stand on the base of scientific evidence and mathematical equations and these theories take decades before being sent out to be considered by the rest of the world. Big Bang Theory was proved by the exitance of CMB. Thereafter there has been no solid pieces of evidence to prove Big Bang Theory invalid.

The existence and detection Cosmic Microwave Background gave Big Bang Theory the upper hand other than that there has been no solid proof to prove universe being born at one point.

Big bang is obviously of the perception that the universe is constantly changing, evolving and you know moving and a particular type of adaptation, I don't know of the other theory maybe SSC or so never heard of it maybe it's because it's not universally viable. Thanks for bringing this one by the way

The idea of the "Universe Being Constant and Eternal", itself has no essence and contradicts natures own principle of Nothing is permanent. Though there were many theories in past these two theories Big Bang Theory and Steady-State Theory were widely considered scientific communities, moreover, very recently in the year 1993, Quasi-steady state cosmology (QSS) was suggested by a group of three scientists, this model depicts creation happening within our existing universe, the mini-bangs, little bangs, if not big bangs.

I just explained it to @aceeca , in the comment below

Mr. Jayant V. Narlikar, Fred Hoyle and Geoffrey Burbidge together proposed the Quasi Steady State Cosmos, by the way the year was 1993. If you want I can request to add you to the our closed group of space science enthusiast. Sounds interesting ???

I request you to please be active on Steem, together we will make this a very happening place for space enthusiast and astronomy lovers.

In year 1992, scientist from IUCAA put forward the "Quasi Steady State Cosmos". I think they are attempting to reintroduce the "Steady State Theory" with some changes.

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Bingo !!!, you are so accurate to the point, Mr. Jayant V. Narlikar, Fred Hoyle and Geoffrey Burbidge together proposed the Quasi Steady State Cosmos, by the way the year was 1993. If you want I can request to add you to the our closed group of space science enthusiast. Sounds interesting ???