The Impact Of Technology

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We are seeing wild times in the markets. Many feel that things are changing due to the virus and the oil dispute that arose.

In this video I discuss how this was already happening due to technology.

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yes sir all over the world economy is going down, oil coutries are affected very much, becasue of virus, so it is very much panic situation,

one thing i have realized is that technology have had both negative and positive impacts on the world....@taskmaster4450

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i agree with your thoughts concerning the issue....

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i feel the oil dispute is the current reason for the decline in oil prices and not the virus itself...

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A lot of great points in this video @taskmaster4450! May I ask why you are being downvoted in all of your posts?

Thanks for the comment @darthknight.

The Koreans are downvoting all my posts in response to some downvotes they got.

They chose me because of the auto votes I guess. A couple Korean whales decided to hit my account repeatedly using some big accounts including the zzan account.

The ironic thing is that I wasnt the one to downvote them. But the Koreans get upset about downvotes and decided to retaliate against someone who wasnt even involved in the downvoting.

Tech disruption is more severe than what we experienxcing right now as a result of the coronavirus.

Am gonna watch the whole of it in a moment.
Also, I came in here to make a shout out, you got saved by the new chief in town @darthknight because after all we knows how bad the downvotes are to users who've been badly targeted. Lucky and continue giving the ecosystem the best of you.

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