Ethereum - Best Crypto Investment of 2020?

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A year ago, I made a video sharing why I thought Bitcoin could potentially be the best investment of 2019. It did pretty well, approximately doubling between January and December.

I wanted to do the same for this year - sharing what I thought the best investment of this upcoming year might be. I've gone with Ethereum, and in this video I'll be explaining why.

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keep selling my ethereum to buy cards, virtual land, shit coins etc. Might be time to buy and keep :)

Same here 😂😂😂

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I own a little parcel of land on Decentraland, so know the feeling!

ETH is probably the best pick for 2020


I think ETH is also one of the best crypto coins. Maybe in 2020 it will succeed.

Saludos @louisthomas, lo tomare en cuenta, ya que estoy iniciando en esto, Gracias por la información… te sigo.

Greetings @louisthomas, I'll take it into account, since I'm just getting started on this, Thanks for the information... I'll follow you.


Considering it's 90% down from its all time high and the growing number of DAPPS, Ethereum must be one of the best top crypto currency to buy.

I have been recently noticing Some negative sentiment against ethereum's centralization . What do you think about it?

I think the best investment in terms of returns will probably be something new or undervalued, I am liking utility coins and exchange tokens CRO, MCO, Nexo, BNB. They have active user bases and working products, I still think most of the money is in retail and that's what the products are aimed at. Celsius token might do well once it get on to a good exchange.

It might be the defi projects on ETH that will do better 😀

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But it doesn’t scale

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