What Will Lead to Mainstream Adoption of Crypto?

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Clouds asks "What do you think it will take for cryptocurrencies to be widely adopted?"

Here's my response!

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Slowly,surely and then globally I think it’s a unstoppable force. Thanks mike

And about time too!

We have been conned and deceived for far to long with this FIAT currency system.

Always great to hear your thoughts Mike :)

Yes, I agree. With more censorship of social media platforms and the internet, people will really start to questions things - especially governments.

Once the majority of people realise what FIAT currencies are and the coming hyperinflation or collapse of the financial system, crypto currencies, in my opinion, will take off.


We must not wait, each one of us must start working with the Cryptomoney that is easiest for him to use...

No debemos esperar, cada uno de nosotros debe comenzar a trabajar con la Criptomoneda que le sea más fácil usar…

Already am!

Just waiting for everybody else to realise this!

Es hora de abrir esos grupos serrados de pequeñas comunidades que solo se benefician solos…

It's time to open up those small community sawed-off groups that only benefit themselves...

I think better regulations all we need to avoid hacking, uses in black market and tax evasion.

Quizás parezca ilógico, ya que queremos una independencia económica pero lo más favorable seria que los gobiernos tuviesen la iniciativa, algunos lo han hecho pero para ganar ellos mismos…

Perhaps it seems illogical, since we want economic independence but the most favorable thing would be for governments to have the initiative, some have done it but to win themselves...

Negative Yielding Bonds, War tension between USA and Iran, Trade war between USA and china and everything else