Could DeFi Bugs Lead to a Fork in Ethereum?

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Kevin Gasper asks "Will a bug in a DeFi project be more likely to cause a fork?"

Here's my response!

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It has already happened once. But you're right, it's unlikely to happen any longer for the reasons you mentioned.

Complex smart contracts are a big risk from a software engineering perspective. I have doubts whether the tools that exist for developing smart contracts are sufficiently mature or the entire way the work is done is sufficiently developed for DeFi to replace traditional finance to any significant degree. To run extremely valuable contracts that affect tens or hundreds of millions of people takes space or military grade engineering reliability if chain rollbacks are completely out of the question. DeFi is only about five years old.

Thanks for sharing your perspective!

Puede ser… Claro hay que tomar en cuenta que más del 50% de las Dapps las represente Ethereum…

It may be... Of course you have to take into account that over 50% of the Dapps are represented by Ethereum...

Ethereum has become very complex

Hola @louisthomas, gracias por las recomendaciones. Veré que aprendo con este enlace a tu cerebro. ;-)

Hello @louisthomas, thanks for the recommendations. I'll see what I can learn from this link to your brain. ;-)

Everything has its limit... But when someone has a lot of power over something it's hard to predict. Thank you for sharing...

Todo tiene su límite… Pero cuando alguien tiene mucho poder sobre algo es difícil de predecir. Gracias por compartirlo…

Yes it can and has which is why we have Ethereum classic, if funds get stolen they might well hardfork again.

Maybe DEFI will allow people to see other platforms that are more realible rather than buggy with newer tech.

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