Schnorr Signatures - Explained in 90 Seconds

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Here's a very quick explanation of Schnorr Signatures, as they relate to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general.

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Schnorr Signatures - Explained in 90 Seconds - Excellent, just as I like it - no waffle.

Yesterday, in response to my comment that I put precious metals as my preferred investment, your reply was :

Metals are Lindy!

What does Lindy mean?

Lindy effect
The Lindy effect is a theory that the future life expectancy of some non-perishable things like a technology or an idea is proportional to their current age, so that every additional period of survival implies a longer remaining life expectancy. Where the Lindy effect applies, mortality rate decreases with time. In contrast, living creatures and mechanical things follow a bathtub curve where, after "childhood", the mortality rate increases with time. Because life expectancy is probabilistically derived, a thing may become extinct before its "expected" survival.

A clarification that applies to everyone, thanks... ☺

Thank you for explaining the Lindy effect - most kind!

Some sobering thoughts:

In contrast, living creatures and mechanical things follow a bathtub curve where, after "childhood", the mortality rate increases with time. Because life expectancy is probabilistic derived, a thing may become extinct before its "expected" survival.

Hey Agrostis. I see that Sames has already provided a link to the Lindy Effect. Essentially, the longer something has been around, the greater likelihood that it will continue to do so in the future, since it has already demonstrated "staying power". Since metals have been used as a store of value for thousands of years, there's a good chance that it will continue to serve as a reliable store of value in the future as well.

Yes, Sames did. And thank you for your explanation.

Hello @louisthomas for this contribution as it is very useful.

Hola @louisthomas por este aporte ya que es de mucha utilidad.

Excellent learning today @louisthomas, knowing that when they talk about Schnorr they are referring to an identification algorithm.

Excelente aprendizaje el de hoy @louisthomas, saber que cuando hablan de Schnorr se refieren a un algoritmo de identificación.

This world of cryptomonies is really complicated, thanks for your help in clarifying certain questions.

Este mundo de las criptomonedas si que es complicado, gracias por tu ayuda en aclarar ciertas incógnitas.

Hay mucho que hacer en esta área de las cryptos @louisthomas esta genial este post.
There is a lot to do in this area of cryptos @louisthomas this post is great.

Buenísimo, cortó y claro…

Good, cut and clear...

Hey @louisthomas. You're doing a really amazing job breaking your crypto knowledge into pieces for everyone to benefit from. I wish I could understand all these terminologies too. Anyway, it's not too late, I'll just heed your advice by downloading your brain. Thank you.

I'm excited for Schnorr and taproot hopefully we get them this year!

Fingers crossed. It's not particularly sexy or glamorous, but important.

Great 90sec vlog post sir

What can I say?
I really wish I could be this vast in the science and economics of cryptocurrency. At the moment, my little investments are merely based on recommendations and gamble decisions. Good job @louisthomas

That's an amazing vlog by you bro.So helpful !!

Simple and clear

Fingers crossed!

This is a good vlog bro 😊😊😊

Que bueno que nos aclares estos términos técnicos del mundo de la cadena de bloques, aunque sigue siendo un tema bastante profundo. It is good that we clarify these technical terms of the blockchain world, although it is still a very deep issue.

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Nice, thanks for that explanation. Continue your amazing job. Everybody have to know about criptos. I hope 2020 is the bull run year again :)

Such an amazing and helpful vlog regarding signature.Thank you brother.