The Trillion Dollar Problem in Crypto - Blockchain Trilemma Explained

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In this video, I'll be sharing a clip from my Crypto Investing course that explains the concept of the blockchain trilemma.

I've described this as the trillion dollar problem, because I believe that whichever projects comes closest to solving this problem is likely to capture trillions of dollars worth of value. Which is why cryptocurrency investors should pay attention to this concept.

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Blockchain Trilemma - wonderfully explained (security,scalability and decentralisation).

I am a bit concerned that a lot of mining is now done in China. Could they eventually take control of some cryptos?

I feel like decentralization and security are too closely linked for them to be placed in the triangle separately. Could you give an example of a project that has good security/scalability or good decentralization/scalability?

In other words, in what situations can one increase security but somehow lower decentralization, and vice versa? I don't see how that's possible.

The metrics I use to judge a crypto are:


However, in the decentralization category I would also include security.
In the inflation category I would also include distribution.
In the Speed category I would also include scalability.

Depends how to define security really.

ikaw na part.

Here is a trillion-dollar problem but I'm even don't know why there are huge currencies are coming day by day to market why should not few currencies like top ten

That's very good suggestion !

Extremadamente complicado y a la vez valioso…
Extremely complicated and at the same time valuable...

Vaya a esto si hay que prestarle buena atención gracias por compartirlo…

Go to this if you have to pay good attention thanks for sharing it...

Gracias por este nuevo aporte @louisthomas es de gran utilidad…

Thanks for this new contribution @louisthomas is very useful...

I think Cardano can solve this to some extent next to Bitcoin.(I'm not a cardano community member) I say this because Cardano has a good shot of achieving significant decentralisation compared to other altcoins

Thanks for this post.