How to get Fibromyalgia

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Why does someone get (or not get) fibromyalgia? And what is it like?

After decades of great health, I got very sick in 2016. After months of my own research, diet and lifestyle upgrades, and failed attempts to get help from the medical system, I finally found out what's wrong with me. This video may help others out there who have fibromyalgia, who think they might have it, or who want to try to avoid getting it.

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Very interesting, I had no clue. Makes me definitely see the benefit in a good nights rest, something which I often neglect, and this video is a good reminder that that's something to avoid. Sleep good.

Thanks for watching and commenting. The importance of sleep is mentioned fairly often, but I wanted to highlight a real-world example of how not getting enough sleep can contribute to developing serious health conditions. Fibro doesn't just disappear once you get rested back up. So far, we don't have any cure, we can just push it into remission so the symptoms aren't as nasty. Definitely best to never get yourself into that situation in the first place! Stay on top of your stress levels, your sleep, and your nutrition. Grama was right all along!

Lol, she sure was, and yes indeed, what you were trying to highlight did come across, loss of sleep seems much less trivial now. Thanks for the video!

Cannabinoids can relieve many of the symptoms and causes of Fibro. Many sufferers find they can return to their lives once they're properly medicated with cannabis.

Catchy title! It's much more click-baity than the original, which a good video like this deserves. Interesting how telling us how to get a horrible illness is more clickable then how to prevent.

How to get Fibro.
How NOT to get Fibro.

heheh.... at first I was like 'why would anyone want to get fibromyagia??'

The clever title is probably lost on a lot of people.

So, theoretically, somebody could subject someone else to stress, sleep deprivation, poor nutrition, and pain.... and pretty much give someone else fibromyalgia (assuming the victim had some genetic susceptibility to it)?

Could someone or a group or people subject other groups, or even entire populations, to conditions which would encourage fibromyalgia en masse?