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Printing 3D is really fun and the possibility's are endless if you ask me.
The most challenging is the setup and you must figure out what kind of plastic tread to use. This is the ultimate toy for people that are creative and love the high-tech world. I think that in 10 years time most house holds will have one of these just like we are having our printers and scanners today. I can imagine a wireless connection to your mobile so you can control it easy and with out any problems.
Make your own cups, tool some parts to fix other things in the house just think about it for a second. I remember that wen i was a kids and we still had pay phones in the streets people were very skeptic about the mobile phone and we were making jokes about it and look at us now. Anyway i wanted to share this with you all because it amazes me and i really love these kind of high-tech toys.

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That's super sweet. I'm looking at my own plans for a CNC machine. And building it. It's pretty easy to add 3d printing or a laser to it at that point.

Nice work!!!!

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Yes, you got to love these kind of toys thanks for the comment 👍🙌

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