The Global Warming Climate Change Catastrophe Hoax explained

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This is it.... how to talk about the Climate Catastrophe hoax without dismissing it all but without needing to go into the complete details of every scientific climate theory ever invented, tested, proved, disproved and replaced with something better.

I'm talking about how simulations work, what the atmosphere is composed of, what 400 parts per million actually means and why we say that instead of 0.04% even though its the same.

I also make reference to studies of local ground level pollution in Israel during Yom Kippur and how this drops very fast when we stop driving and running industry. That's one of the reasons I'm optimistic that we can fix whatever man has done and we can live with any changes.

Man is hugely resilient and the planet is too. Together we'll solve problems only as long as we don't install political systems and governance that destroy human ingenuity. Installing globalised communistic or socialist systems seems to be what underlies all of those pushing the climate crisis hoax and their Green New Deal and other delusional focusing on CO₂ as the only thing that matters.

In the end I'm optimistic that man can solve all problems of changing climate whether we made it change or not. But not through communism, socialism or globalism and central control.

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At the moment, the planet is on track to warm more than three degrees Celcius by century's end, which one recent study found would do $551 trillion in damage—more money than currently exists on the planet.
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"Study" - i.e. computer simulation based on stuff we don't know and physics we haven't figured out and solar data we don't have and a plethora of other stuff.

I've always said there's only one thing with a worse track record than economic forecasting and that is climate forecasting. The absolute worst of all, however, are economic forecasts based on climate forecasts.

Truth is the reason why we can't focus well on the observation and the theories and statement of climate change is the politicalization of the world, when we're being concerned with the thing that don't matter I've heard a lot bout how climate change might be the end of mankind but like we said we've never given in to anything not even during the days of black death.

It's the underlying manipulation that makes this such a dog and pony show. Sad. There always seems to be an agenda.

If you rely so much on "Mother earth has a way of healing herself" then your sitting on a keg of gun-powder. It's better we start working on how to keep earth fresh and habitable than waiting for Nature to take care of it for us while we keep destroying the environment. Is there any side effect in Planting more trees🎄 🎄? Control the amount of plastics we use or find another alternative to plastics.

Places in the tropics that haven't experienced flood ever in their history are getting served these days.

I get pissed when politics is brought into this climate change thing. I hope we wake up and be mindful of what's happening to our environment. Earth could become like planet Venus 🌔 if we don't start something

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@brianoflondon lol, I have also made video just regarding this. If you are free free please check it out. Greta thunberg is just a pawn and only recite the written script and becames freeze when asks questions.

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Will look at that soon!

Thank you man, I appreciate that.

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@brianoflondon, Climate Change is very real aspect and currently we are seeing dynamic weather patterns and many lives are affecting too. Now people have to awake to the reality because in my opinion in background something else is going on and ground reality is something different.

Great video. Lucky you, the climate change mob hasn't flagged you (yet?), but went apeshit on me because I criticized their precious Greta and challenged their climate change dogma in my recent posts.

yo need too add some satire, them climate change cookies eat that shit up

I can't, I risk offending some snowflakes.

Well said, I have studied the corruption of science in many fields for a long time. Most studies are proven false after not very long.
I highly suggest this videos from red ice radio on Greta (The title is a bit harsh and misleading though since the video is more about her being manipulated than being a perpetrator)

Quite good video and nice to hear Greta Thunberg pronounced properly, the Americans are hysterical when they try and fail at that.

Mostly I can't take Red Ice seriously because they're so deep in anti-Jewish and also anti-Israel stuff, they're completely dead to me. I always find it strange that the white nationalists and other hard right tend to believe and disseminate the exact same lying anti-Israel stories as the far-left anti-Israel crowd like Corbyn's Labour Party.

Great to see some sanity around the topic. The biggest problem I see is the lack of awareness of severe issues like microplastics in our water. Pollution is poisoning us and everybody is pre-occupied in (mostly) political issues like climate change (what happens to global warming BTW?)

usually, we don't give 1/2 a turd about the science of continental folks, but we lost about 11 home islands in the pacific already and counting, yeah, you mainland living fucktards who blogs so well better be right, i also hope you don't expect Atlantis to resurface within the next dacade just to proof our homes are not sinking

do read with giggly pinch of salt...err the lost island issue, that's not satire

communistic or socialist systems

I don't think you understand either of those concepts.

Man is hugely resilient and the planet is too.

The planet is much more resilient than humans. Mass extinction events like what happened to dinosaurs are the ultimate evidence.

Global warming threatens most human life. Black death is nothing compared to it. Medicine cannot fix global warming.

stop driving and running industry

This is not going to happen.

Totally agree on all points.

There's nothing positive about "Global Greening", farmers are yielding more crops by so many other means other than increased CO2. There's no advantage of Climate Change other than the increase of development/research in sustainable/renewable technology

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I do believe that, but it won't ever happen on a large enough scale unless the problem gets big enough - which is what should be avoided in the first place.