Designing & 3D Printing BMW door panel clips

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#3D Printing!

It's been a really long time since I did a 3D printing post. Way back I used to post them pretty regularly but I decided to go a direction I'm way more passionate about - crypto and gaming. Well it's time for some new 3D printing shit! I'm not much of a designer but when I need something bad enough, I'll try and make it myself if I can't find a model already available. I have a 1998 BMW 328i and the back passenger panel has broken clips so it just fell off. I decided to give it a go and try to create my own clips for it rather than just trying to find a replacement.



So I used Tinkercad, which is a very basic online 3D modeling tool. I combined a couple different pre-made shapes assembled them into this beauty. I took rough measurements with a 3D printed caliper lol. Version 1 was a tad too short. Version 2 was closer. Version 3 is perfect fit.


The clips that need to be replaced. They're all slightly different heights it seems. So I made a few different heights.


version 1 was about 4mm off in height.

Version 2 was about 1mm off in height.

Version 3 looks perfect.

Glued in place and covered with foam from the old hook. Looks dumb as shit but hopefully it works.

Here's the fastest timelapse of anything you've ever seen lol I should have slowed it down but fuck it.

All 4 new clips attached.... The moment of truth




It's a simple design but it works flawlessly. I'm very proud of it.

Thanks for checking it out.