We Have Come a Long Way

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And there's a lot more to come.

I was browsing through my Twitter home feed again, when I stumbled upon a tweet by Universal Curiosity that really hit hard. It's scary to think how we as a species have managed to increase the rate at which we produce and store knowledge as the years go by.

This is the very reason why we managed to conquer the planet, even though we are physically significantly inferior to most species roaming this beautiful blue sphere we call home.

The ability to collect, produce, store and communicate information is what did the trick.

UniversalCurious tweet.jpg
Source: Universal Curiosity

We are now producing insane amounts of technical information every year, and the figures only keep going up. As a result, our technology is advancing at an astonishing pace, making it possible for us to solve problems that have been stalling our development for centuries.

With that in mind, I think that we have now reached the point where nobody can say something is impossible. Chances are we just haven't managed to get around said problem so far, and it's only a matter of time until we find a workaround. Even if something may sound illogical for the time being, it's probably going to be high-school material in a few decades.

There are so many examples of such advancements and achievements, like cell phones, computers, satellites, spaceships and so on. People would have branded you a madman for claiming all these things would one day be possible. Here we are now, taking all those scientific wonders of our time for granted and yet maintaining a limited mindset.

I really do believe this Universe we are living in is indeed magic, as there are so many concepts and hard truths that can't be explained with human logic. I mean, there must have been a start at some point; an event prior to which nothing existed. And the forces that fueled said event came out of absolutely nothing. Sounds crazy but it is the only ''reasonable'' explanation.

This makes me think that literally everything is possible, and I feel blessed to have been born during this particular time of human history. The future looks very promising; don't let them tell you otherwise.

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