Night time rambles continue: I have forgotten how to do sleeping

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Reading and bed is a dangerous combination: when you're in the bed, there's a high likelihood to be left in the bed (I am a genius statistician, am I not?). Now, the problem is that it wasn't exactly bed time when I fell asleep: 7 pm. Or that's what I'm guessing, because I wasn't looking at the clock when falling asleep, you know.

So I find myself 180 degrees the other way I usually sleep. Light's still on. Waking up at 9:30 pm it feels wrong like starting to drink in the morning, that's just not what most people do. Most.

Just to make it more confusing, my latest memory was being a 16-year-old girl running away because of being accused of murder. Quite a long distance from my own day-to-day experience in many angles.

Am I changing into a hoot hoot? I think that's owl in Latin anyway. I'm actually not going to check it from Google, because it's not like I would go fix it now. What is done is done. I feel there's a limited amount of fucks I can give anyway... Only in my dreams. Not that I would've tried it. Hmm... This got strange quickly, but that's what you get with 1 am rambles. More unconscious stuff starts to pour in, and Freud happily smiles in his grave.

This is starting to become a bad habit – or good, I don't actually know, because my two latest posts are now written after midnight. Some Buddha said that when you are hungry, eat, when you are sad, cry, and when you are tired, sleep. And then comes the when the alarm goes off, wake up ruining the whole deal. Indeed makes you want to cry at times, but you just fold it in under another layer of thick skin, cause that's how we roll on this planet Earth. It's the same imposter syndrome we have in social media: gotta pretend to have that good life so that people start liking you. Whoops, you just outsourced your happiness to Facebook.

You know, it's funny, that those most familiar with technology are often the most cautious of their effects. Steve Jobs denied smartphones from their kids. Looking at the world where screen is more appealing than a human face, I think he was onto something. This alienating effect of technology is only going to feed into the declining population in Western countries (in Finland it's 1,41 children per woman atm), and the increased population will eventually slow down in third countries once they urbanize as well. Bitcoin has taught one terrifying lesson and that is what goes up, must come down. The problem this creates is an imbalance in care relationship: more people to take care of at old age by less and less people, unless medical science figures how to make more people live healthy at old age.

Talking of which, it seems like the research on aging is progressing a lot, and I think there is a very real possibility of reaching a point where dying of old age is eliminated from the causes of death. It's crazy, I know, where starting to play gods, but you know, there was some case I heard in a podcast that some eye disease was healed by reversing the biological clock of the eye cells using some type of virus. Meaning that after the procedure if a given scientist would use whatever method it is to determine the age of the cell, he would say it is of a young human's. Another interesting branch of aging research is on senolytics: coming up with drugs to improve longevity by getting rid of so called "zombie cells". Naturally this process is aggravated by fasting that turns the body into self-preservation mode, turning on the body's protective measures, but drugs will be able to trick the body into that mode constantly.


Yup, that's what my life has come unto: editing cat pictures during the night with work waiting early in the morning. But hey, at least this version of Tiuku looks much nicer in B&W with isolated color in eyes.

Btw, my co-worker, @rrusina, finally made an intro post where she has a few photographs she has taken of animals. Go say hi to her :)


I have been struggling to poor sleep all my life and sometimes you must create some habits to harness it back, not like me right now replying to steemit at the phone at two in the night

I have pretty good sleeping habits, but sometimes accidents happen like napping too much before night.

not like me right now replying to steemit at the phone at two in the night

The least you can do is to use blue light filter.

It turns orange past midnight but I do have trouble sleeping, sometimes I can control it a long while but when I misbehave a few nights it starts all over again :) was up until five... ugh!

was up until five... ugh!

That's when I got up 😅

I get parasomnias and sleep paralysis if I force sleep when being severely imsomniac but I'll try to readjsut during the weekend

Uff... Sleep paralysis are horrifying.

This was an awesome ramble. I enjoyed it!

Well I'm glad - or no I'm not, because now I'm incentivised to do more of these, that ain't good for my health, lol.

Well, if you have to stay up at night, at least you can scratch worrying about the decline of my body in old age off your to-do list.

Last night I woke up in the middle of a sleep cycle and in my semi-cognizant state saw a large black creature sitting peacefully next to the bed. I decided I didn't want to deal with it, and rolled back over and returned to full sleep. I trust Freud could turn this dream into something of interest.

Well, if you have to stay up at night, at least you can scratch worrying about the decline of my body in old age off your to-do list.

I'm not worrying (trying at least), but I do wonder whether I have born late enough that medical science will progress in time to give me several healthy decades more, of course a lot of it I can affect with my own actions too. I dare not to count on immortality though, at least not yet, but I do wonder about the existential consequences that it would cause. So many interesting things - some frightening too - coming in the future, like this blockchain thing we have going on here :D

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My problem is different.I don't able to sleep before 1 or 2 am,if i try than i always failed.after i sleep than i don't able to wake before 9 or 10 am.LOLZ !!

Seems we all have our unique problems.